Sunday, November 13, 2011

I could never just follow along...

Welcome to my blog!  It's been a long time desire of mine to have one, but at first I worried it wouldn't be "interesting" enough (or I would go off on too many rants).  Then I kept letting life get in the way, and convinced myself I didn't know "how" to make a blog.  Then about a week ago after reading so many other peoples blogs I HAD to have my voice heard.  I have never been one to remain silent for long. 

I wanted to make a blog for fair maidens like myself - all the beauty blogs I read are wonderful and I wanted not only talk about the world of beauty but put my spin on it coming from a standpoint of someone so "pale" I have to mix my own foundation because I have yet to find one light enough!  I also work for a large cosmetic company so I have a bit of an inside view.  And I have been a "collector" (some would say hoarder) of beauty products from a young age so my reviews come from over 20ears of successes and failures, (I started wearing make-up at 13, you can do the math if you like).  Please excuse any typos and spelling mistakes along the way and I hope you enjoy!  Comments are most definetly welcome. 

Insquequo laxus,