Friday, May 31, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - The End!


I did it!  I blogged every day in May via this challenge and wrote regular posts!  Either I have no life or I have some will power (it's the first).  So here's the final prompts:

A vivid memory:

When I was in 8th grade I was lucky enough to go on the trip to Washington DC.  It was my first time away from my parents with out a relative being around, and when we got there. I assumed the teachers would walk us around like a regular field trip.  But NO we got to decide which museums we wanted to go to and we got to walk around with our friends.  It was my first taste of freedom - and it was amazing!  I was such a goody goody that I was scared, but I also just remember vividly being amazed at what it felt like to make my own decisions.  It was a really fun and educational time - I think I absorbed more because I made the decisions of where to go.

Blog Every Day in May

Hoorah! Well done, you have made it through the month. How was it for you? Did you learn anything? What did you enjoy? What did you dislike? Sum it all up!

Well, I'm proud of myself for doing two challenges at once and completing it.  I also realize I really don't like talking about "life" or personal things that much and I'd rather talk about beauty!  So I'm glad to be back to my regularly scheduled programming :)


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Day 30!

Hey Hey:

It's day 30! 

React to this term: Letting Go~

Ok my initial thought was Oprah and some psycho babble about living life not letting it live you.  Once again this is why I'm not a lifestyle blogger! 
But I do think letting go is important - stuff is going to happen and carrying it around just makes simple things harder.  You also just need to let go and be crazy (and what crazy is depends on the person) sometimes.  I needed to dye my hair red, and then black years ago to get it out of my system.  As a whole I think I'm pretty good at letting stuff go, but it took me a long time to learn how!

 Blog Every Day in May

Who inspires you? Are they close to you? Somebody famous? Or even somebody infamous?
I'm inspired by Martha Stewart - she is hardcore.  Just even took going to jail in stride and seriously for 71 she looks AMAZING.  I met her earlier this year and she is more amazing in "real life" - she knows her stuff and the amount of things she has accomplished in her life blows my mind.
I'm inspired by my former boss Rachel - she is just an amazing person.  She handles so many thinks with grace, is an amazing business woman and knows how to have fun!  Plus she's a great mom too!
I'm also inspired by just knowing there are so many people out there everyday living much more difficult lives than I can even imagine - it makes me "shake it off" when ever the pity party creeps up on me.

And to all the bloggers I read - you all inspire me to keep working at this and make my blog more interesting and a better resource - so thank you!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Day 29!


Hope everyone is a having a good week - it has been stormy and cool here.  By the time you read this I (hopefully) will have gotten a fancy new haircut!  Pictures tomorrow if it goes well :)

Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories:

Seriously this is the first song I can remember humming to myself, and it's just so Nice!

Another one of my favs from childhood and my go to karaoke song!

This was my "getting ready" song all thru my 20's

Madonna at the SuperBowl performing a medley of hits - yes please!! That head dress - the boots - she's just IT to me.

My "newest" getting ready jam :) Gotta love some Brittany

Blog Every Day in May

Tell us about what you do every morning to help you get ready for the day ahead:

I do as little as possible - I am sooo not a morning person, and I don't even have to get up until about 9:15.  I just grab a quick shower, throw on my pre-determined outfit (I get it ready the night before). I put on moisturizer and sunscreen, make sure I have my phone, my make-up and my snack and head for the bus. I use the hour commute to work to "wake up" and when I get downtown I usually get a Diet Coke or a Earl Grey Tea to get my caffeine fix.  I am seriously low maintenance. I do all the hard "work" at night (face masks, peels, hair washing, plucking etc..).

What is your current "getting ready" jam?


Nail Polish collection - Video!


Today I wanted to share the rest of my nail polish collection - it is no where near the size of a lot of people's "collections"!  But it did help me realize I have a lot of colors - which is good I need to be more discretionary when I buy. 

So after seeing this what am I missing?  Is their a polish I NEED to get? Or a brand I need to try?

Let me know your thoughts!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blog Every Day in May!


We are nearing the end of May!  Today I have a "post in pictures" for you!

My hidden talent - needlepoint piece framed (I gave this to my parents for their lake house)
Me and the man @ home
Pictures from the architectural boat tour of Chicago - you MUST do it if you come here!
My cat Earl flips his head when he's being "cute" which is like 65% of the time, but it usually gets him petted so props to him for training the humans.
My 11 year old brother (yep my parents had another kid when I was 23) I took him out for sushi because that's what cool sisters do. I have 2 other brothers as well, one is 6 years younger than me and the other is 11 years younger.
My favorite Chinese restaurant (It's in Minneapolis) I've been going there since I was 3.
I want this Dynasty "Krystal" Barbie so bad & the Alexis one too!  But not bad enough to pay $30 each.
And that's enough pictures...
Blog Every Day in May
What is the worst advice you have ever received?
I don't ask for advice a lot.  And honestly when I do, I'm just looking for more information so I can make my own decisions.  So I would say I have never really received BAD advice.  I mean I asked for it, people told me what they thought,and the decision was mine.  It's only bad advice if you just willing do whatever people advise.  I will say I have made bad decisions, but that's life.  But letting my friend cut my bangs in 7th grade is up there with seriously stupid :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Blog Every Day in May!


Happy Memorial Day! Thank you so very much to al of those that have served our country

 A letter to your readers:

First and foremost - thank you soo, soo, much for reading my blog.  Your comments mean the world to me.  I started this blog for me, and now I truly do try to think what others might want to read or get more information about.  I know I don't always have the most "expensive" or "trendy" products, but I sure try to have something for you! 
Again, thank you, thank you for reading!

Blog Every Day in May

What are you good at that nobody knows about?

I am really good at needlepoint - If I was a 19th century woman I could embroider some handkercheifs like nobody's business!  I would have pillows, and seat cushions galore.  I would also probably have gone blind by 13 from lack of lighting but you win some, you lose some.


May Cara Box Swap - New York


This month I joined in the Cara Box swap hosted by Kaitlyn at

Cara Box

This month's box theme was - "So this month you will get to know your partner. Figure out things they love or are passionate about.  Then make them a box filled with thoughtful items - but they must be themed towards the region YOU live in. This will give you the opportunity to send things to your partner that shows them a little bit about where you come from. So if they like chocolate, maybe send them a locally found chocolate bar! Please be mindful to still include things themed around what they like, just figure out a way to tie in your region."

So my partner Kaitlin is from Brooklyn, NY and she sent me all sorts of goodies from "The Empire State".

The Lavender sachet is from the green market in Union Square, she walks by everyday - how wonderful to walk by Union Square!  It smells wonderful and I put it on my nightstand so I can enjoy the relaxing scent before sleep.

I also got some Julie G. polishes!  I believe they are only available at Rite-aid.  They are both lovely colors and nothing like I have.

She also sent me some delicious treats from the Nutbox which has 3 locations in NY.  They have all sorts of nuts, and dried fruit, candies and seeds!  I just tried the Choco N Nuts Mix and its great :)

Kaitlyn posts the new Cara Box theme at the begining of every month on her site ( if you would like to join!

Thank you again to my partner for a lovely box!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Day 26


Only 5 more Blog Every Day Posts!

Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you'd like.

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi

Amanda Bynes latest mess - sweet wig girl! (Also check out her random missing nails...)
OMG - I love me some celebrity gossip - I just like reading the little snipets.  But Amanda Bynes is cray cray.  If you haven't heard she recently has the cops called on her for smoking weed in the lobby of her building, when the cops came to her door a bit later she supposedly ran and threw a bong out the window.  She claims she threw a vase out the window and that the cop "slapped her in the vagina".  Then she later claimed she just opened the window to get fresh air.  Now If you have seen previous tweets from her, she seems like she's not doing so good.  But I actually think this kind of behavior is more common than one would think.  I just think of all the coo-coo banana pants people the Chicago police have to deal with every day.  And who gets "slapped in the vagina?" 

Blog Every Day in May

Dinner party time - Who would you invite? What music is playing? What are you eating? Is there entertainment? Let your imagination go wild!

Well here's an idea of the setting:

I like dinner parties to be relatively small - so no more than 10.  And by the way I'm wearing this:

As for music, I think I would make a mix of hits from the 70's, 80's and 90's that help bring back some memories and spark conversation.  I would want to bring together my friends from around the country, it would be great to have them all together. 

I love this Monoply themed menu and the items on it!

So that's my party - but this most important part would be the people, we could be eating saltine crackers if the company is right :)


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Collections! BBHQ Challenge


The May Beauty Blogger Head Quarters Challenge was to show part of your "beautiful collection".  So today I have a video of my glitter and specialty nail polishes.

Beauty Blogger Headquarters

I store my polishes in our Guest room in one of the nightstands next to the bed.  It has 3 drawers and I take up two.


Blog Every Day in May - Day 25!


Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget (good or bad):

One thing that comes to mind is when I was 12 to about 20 people would always comment "Jasmine you're so weird".  And I really got hung up on that, at that age you want to be accepted and be "normal" but I am glad I kept on being weird.  Because now people compliment me on my knowledge and "thinking out of the box" has always served me well at work and in life.  But sometimes I still think back and really wonder what was sooo "weird" ??

Blog Every Day in May

What are your top 5 favourite albums and why?

Now don't rip on my music taste!  And also note I'm not a big "music" fan - I enjoy the silence more than anything!

1) The Immaculate Collection - Madonna  (because I love Madonna and this is a great collection of songs)

2) Rebel Yell - Billy Idol (I just love all these songs, come on White Wedding = awesome)

3) The Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Weber play version) feat. Sarah Brightman - I love, love Sarah Brightman's voice and "All I ask of you" is one of my all time favorite songs.

4) Out of the Blue - ELO (this was my jam as a kid!  I put on this record and would rollerskate around the basement all the time!)

5) Johnny Cash @ Folsom Prison - (I just love his voice and the circumstances of this album make it awesome as well)

Look for my glitter nail polish video post later today!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Blog Every Day in May

Hello, Hello:

Todays prompt is easy yet... one of those  where I feel the need to explain myself.

Your top 3 worst traits

1 - I always think I'm right!  BUT in 99.999999% of the cases I am, I don't spout off unless I KNOW what I'm talking about.  It's a point of pride with me.  But it has pissed people off, because they are like you always HAVE to be right - and you ARE but you make sure we know it! So... bad trait.

2 - I'm sleeepy all the time - I know if I ate better and excersized I could make this better, but i love a good nap and don't want to share my alone time.

3 - I will correct your speech.  Yep, I'm the one who will stop you while your speaking to say ain't isn't a word.  (and now it's in the f-ing Dictionary so I guess it is - which is WRONG WRONG WRONG!)

Blog Every Day in May

Describe and/or photograph what is in your fridge right now.

There is a LOT of yougurt, I eat the Chobani vanilla and my boyfriend eats the blueberry single serve kind.  A case of Diet Coke (my personal crack).  All sorts of condiments and lots of vegtables (sadly many are going bad because the boyfriend had a tendency to over buy).  Two gallons of skim milk and a Brita water pitcher.  Serveral varities of cheeses.  Gatorade minis which enjoy on the way to work.  Thats about it aside from random leftovers of the questionable food my boyfriend cooks and then forgets about, which is why he is in charge of cleaning the fridge monthly.

That's it for today!


Estee Lauder - Pure Color Cheek Rush


I tried out my new Estee Lauder cheek gel and I wanted to share my thoughts!

Estee Lauder describes this product as: "Blush with a rush of cellophane-sheer gel color.
So unique, your cheeks have never blushed liked this before.  Sheer, buildable, water-light gel. Simply pump sparingly on fingertips, then blend." 

I got color #2 Pink Patent ($28), there is also a "red" a "burgandy" and a "purple".  If you follow me on Instagram you saw the red next to the pink on my hand.  I liked the red color but thought the pink was more wearable for me, if you have warm skin the red or purple would be gorgeous.  The burgandy will flatter deeper skin tones.

Here I am with no blush.

The way I have been testing it is just wearing concealer were needed and then applying the gel to a "clean" cheek.  I do of course have on moisturizer and sunscreen.  But I don't apply any powder over the gel.

I just put a pump of the gel on my hand and then use my Real Techniques stippling blush to apply it to my cheek.  In the picture is the actually amount I use and it covers both cheeks, a little goes a long way!

You can see the stippling action  - I then rub it in with my fingers.  It is really sheer but provides a lovely wash of color - it remindes me of how watercolor paints are in consistancy (if that makes sense).

And there is is all blended in - super natural flush!  I really like it - it lasted 8 hours with minimal fading.  I believe it's a Limited Edition product for summer so check out Estee!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blog Every Day in May!


It's May 23rd and I'm excited for a three day "weekend" in a few days - mine will be Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday! 

On to the prompts:

 Things you've learned that school won't teach you:

*How to do taxes and handle investments (Why don't they teach this?!?)

*That there will ALWAYS be a whiner, a slacker & a gossip in your work situations learn to ignore them and better yourself.

*College is overrated - you could get all D's and still have a "college" education.  I want to work with people with common sense.

* We are a global community and we better stop being so "'Merica F@ck yea" or there will be no "Merica!"

* How to relax and enjoy life :)

Blog Every Day in May

Tell us about the best compliment you have ever received.

Honestly, I think any compliment is the best!  But my old boss (who is an AMAZING woman, smart, pretty, financially stable, could win The Apprentice any day of the week) She told me after I left that I was really good at what I did - I don't remember her exact words but it pointed out things I take pride in and confirmed that I have valuable skills and she missed me.  So it meant a lot.

I am sorting my nail polish "collection" as we speak so I hope to have a video up soon!  The dining room table looks like a nail salon.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog Every Day in May!


I can't believe it's already May 22nd!

Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off)
Honestly I don't like to use this blog as a platform to rant.  And to me, ranting does NOTHING to solve things, only action does.  But as I have mentioned rudeness bothers me a lot and I don't quite know how to take action against it, so I just try to be as polite and thoughtful as possible in order to bring some of that karma towards me :)  And why not?  Everyone deserves to be treated kindly.

Blog Every Day in May

If you could talk to your 13 year old self, what would you say?

Relax.  Stop fighting with your parents over the little things and the big things will be much easier.  Just enjoy being young, your hard work will payoff and you will get a hot boyfriend eventually :)  And a lot of guys will be jerks - so rise above, it isn't worth it.  Eventually you will be good at make-up, but you may never figure out your hair.  Remember RELAX.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mini Haul for Summer!


Today I wanted to share a few items I picked up at Macy's and Carson Pierre Scott.

I really don't need anything but these are kind of specialty items like the lightest foundation MAC makes (NEW!), a good pressed powder, a VERY versatile loose powder and a sheer gel blush.

So a few month's back MAC released 6 (I think) more shades of their Studio Fix Fluid Foundation - so I got NW10.  Its rare to see a light neutral so I snatched it up. I will have a review of it's performance up soon - I haven't tried it yet!

I dropped my pressed powder the other day (I have a lot loose powder but not so many pressed) and I needed a new one and the Chanel has a Satin finish and comes in translucent - so now it's mine! 

Now I said I have a lot of loose powder - but this Smashbox Photo Fix powder is a Macy's exclusive (or so they told me) and it has other tricks up it's sleeve which I'll save for the review to come!
And finally -

Estee Lauder Pure Color Cheek Gelee - if you follow me on Instagram (xjasminemariex) you'll now these have some staying power, and the idea of "sheer" color intrigued me. 

So that's my little, albeit expensive haul!  Which one do you want me to review first?


Blog Every Day in May - Day 21


Well yesterday confirmed why I'm not a "lifestyle" blogger!  I just don't really like talking about "life" - but I guess it's a good exercise.  So onward...

A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

How to Apply Eye Cream

Five minutes to Fabulous - Makeup

All my foundation reviews - in one!

My Primer reviews!

So please check them out if you haven't already!

Blog Every Day in May

If you could do anything in the world to make a living what would it be?

I have thought about this a lot - and I want to be a soap opera star!  Then I wouldn't be super famous and could retain some of my anonymity - but I would make some good money!  I could be crazy dramatic, wear fabulous outfits have my make up and hair done - what's not to like!  And soap opera stars have long careers - I could keep doing it until I was a mean old lady!  So if anyone has any connections hook me up!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Day 20


It's Monday (and my FrIdAy!) yea!!!

Get real. Share something you're struggling with right now:

It sounds dramatic but lately I've been just struggling with PEOPLE!  At work, when I run errands & when I do anything social it just seems like people are so ignorant it blows my mind.  I see people snapping their fingers at retail workers like their dogs.  At work people ask the Stupidest and I mean STUPID questions because they are too lazy to even be bothered to THINK.  People let their children act crazy. People talk on their phone so loudly on the EL (And I don't want to hear it! - No one wants to hear about how  your sisters kid...  )

Erggg.  I don't know why I've been letting it get to me but I just feel stressed by it and it's silly!  So everyone please do me and the world a favor, be thoughtful tomorrow.  If we all just try to change 1% imagine the change we could bring.

Ok now that my blood pressure went up 20 points just thinking about rude people on to the next prompt ->

Blog Every Day in May

Talk about something that is in the news today.
"An enormous tornado roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs and killed at least 51 people Monday" News

I feel like Oklahoma City has seen it's fair share of trouble.  The infamous bombing, a previous horrific tornado in 1999, and this.  When nature strikes it's hard to be like "why?" because you know that is the way the world works and Oklahoma is in "Tornado Alley" making it much more likely that they will see this kind of storm. But I guess it still surprises and saddens me too, to know that so many people can die this day in age, it seems like we should be able to get to safety.  But nature is unpredictable and my heart goes out to everyone affected, I can't even imagine.  All the more reason to treat the Earth with respect!

And this is the most depressing post I've ever written!