Friday, May 3, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Day 3

Hello, Hello!

Today is day 3 of the Blog every Day in May Challenge(s) I'm doing!  Here are today's fun topics!

Things that make you uncomfortable!

Oh my word, this is a good one!  There are so many random things but here's just a few:
  • If there's a few empty seats don't sit in the one RIGHT next to me
  • Personal space, I need like a good 2 feet
  • If people touch me and I don't know them, even people I do know, I'm not real touchy feely.
  • People talking about money in social situations especially if they are talking about having no money - I'm like "um what do you want me to do?"
  • Going to an event if I don't know the dress code! 
I know I'm going to see other people's answers for this one and be like "Ohh yes, yes! That too!" :)

Onto the prompt from
Blog Every Day in May
Tell us about your typical day: (they suggest pictures, so I'll have some on Instagram today!  You can follow me @ xjasminemariex

Ok - I get up around 9:18 (rough I know.) Also weird number because I refuse to set my alarm for an "normal" time.
Quick bath, fix hair, lotions and potions on, dressed in all black, grab purse out the door by 9:48.
On bus and Train doing make-up (yea, I'm that girl), or reading, or playing Candy Crush.
Arrive Downtown about 10:45
Check financials from yesterday, check on stock levels, check in with store team (I'm a "vendor" while in their store) Then start talking to clients that come in. 
Chat with other cosmetic consultants if they're "in house" that day about what's new in the world
"You put WHAT on your face?"
Cosmetic consult
Quick, like 15 minute Lunch
"Your face is dry because your using a cleanser meant for a 15 year old boy, and then a salicylic acid toner and no moisturizer" (this I keep in my head)
Cosmetic consult
Leave the store around 5:30 pm and try not to go to Ulta, or Sephora or Macy's or DSW which are all within a BLOCK of where I usually work. Get back on train and think about why it always smells so strongly of urine (bleckkkkk...)
Read blogs and comment while on train (so that's why my spelling sucks, or why my sentences are weird because the darn auto correct takes over.)
Home by about 7pm, Wash face and remove all makeup and lotion and potion up for the evening. Then I have to take off all my work clothes immediately (they have touched the EL and are gross) and put on fresh "house" clothes.  I do this even when I just run errands, I can't wear something I wore "outside" inside.  It bothers me. And I KNOW I am not the only one that does this! 
Drink a Diet Coke on ice and have a light snack
Take my "pre-bedtime" nap
9:30pm wake up, do any chores I need to do, read, write blog post for the next day or take pictures, do any skincare things that are that "day's" (Glycolic peel - Sunday night, Facial hair removal - Tuesday night, Deep condition hair - Wednesday night).  I also talk to my boyfriend for a bit during this time, we are really independent.  We both are always working on something and try to spend "quality time" together on days off - on "work" nights it's very quiet around our house.
Midnight - put on hand cream, nighttime lip treatment & read for a bit and then ZZZZZZ.

So not exciting - which shall be revealed in pictures today! 

Any funny quirks about your day?  Who else is an "inside" clothes person?



  1. Ah, another inside clothes person! And I don't even have to take public transport! If I get up for a snack midday and have to put on sweats to go to Walgreens for milk I can't just keep wearing them when I go back home, I need to put on clean ones before I get back in bed. They touched the outside! Ew!

    I think that's hilarious that you've got a running commentary in your head of all the reasons someone's skin is a mess. I guess I'm not the only one silently judging!

    I also have to have my personal space. The butt-touchers bother me.

  2. See I knew there were others! Outside clothes = outside, don't bring it in! :) Yes I have quite the running commentary in my head at work, and a lot of "I don't have time for this..." under my breath.

  3. The first thing I do when I get home from work is kick off my clothes and heels, lol, and change into either sweats or PJ. For work, I usually dress sharp but when I'm home I love anything lose and comfy. If I had all those stores within a block from my work, you know I'll be stopping by at least once a week...whew glad it's not the case for me.

  4. People sitting next to me on the train/subway/bus when there are empty seats bothers me so much ughh. Same with when people don't pick up the pace or slow down so they're walking within inches of you on the street. So creepy lol. I also change as soon as I get home.