Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blog Everyday in May X 2


This month I decided to join 2 blog everyday link ups!!  Feel free to join in late if you want - I think it's a great way to let you get to know me better so I can keep this blog interesting!  I promise there will still be plenty of beauty posts! 

So here are the 2 challenges I am doing:

The first challenge is 5 lines - #BEDM:

1) I am currently watching season 7 of the Amazing Race while typing this - Amber and Rob from Survivor are on it and they are NOT nice (I only watched one season of survivor - the first one).
2) My boyfriend bought me a night blooming Jasmine plant today - and now I need to figure out how to keep a plant native to the West Indies alive in IL :)
3) I cannot find the new Maybelline Color Tatoos anywhere or the LE Wet n' Wild palettes if you live in the Chicago area and know where they might be - let me know!
4) Today is my Sunday (I have Tuesday and Wednesday's off) so I need to do my Glycolic peel (gotta be ready to "face" my "Monday").
5) I really need to get a haircut and I think I'm going to bring back the bangs (I'm also considering red -again).

So that's not really introducing myself - but rather letting you know I have scattered thoughts.  Here's a picture of me at New Year's 2 years ago - it's the closest "likeness" of me I have gotten.  I feel like a lot of pictures don't look like "me" to me.  And it also shows off some of my makeup "skillz" ;)

And for the other challenge (found @ Story of my life in 250 words (WHOA!) ok here goes:

I was born in Minneapolis, MN when my parents were 19.  We didn’t have much money when I was growing up so my parents instilled in me a crazy hard work ethic.  We lived in MN until I was 15 (and along the way my parents had 2 of my brothers whom I am 6 and 11 years older than).  Then in the middle of my sophomore year of high school we moved to a small town outside of Chicago.  I went to college at Loyola University of Chicago and Majored in Anthropology (and college was not fun, there’s wasn’t  much to do but study – trust me fake i.d.’s only work in college towns not Chicago and there were no sororities or fraternities, and it’s an academically competitive school). I also did a year at the Univ of Montana doing archaeology field work.  After school I moved to Seattle for 6 years and worked as an interior lighting designer and make-up artist (weird combo and really using that $100k I paid for school). Then when I was 23 my parents had my youngest brother (whoa..).  Moved back to Illinois to be closer to family, started doing kitchen design work for Menard’s (home improvement store) ended up becoming one of their 4 corporate trainers and did that for 5 years.  Still doing makeup for people and adding to my massive makeup “collection”.  I left my corporate job (Loved it, but I worked like 70 hours a week). Came back to Chicago and did consulting work (cosmetics), now I work for a very large company doing skincare consultations. 

Well that was 266 words - but I moved a lot :) 

And this is just day 1!



  1. These sound so fun, I think I'll have to join in :)

    Holy crap you moved a lot! But it sounds like you have had a lot of fun and tried out some really fun careers along the way.

    That would be weird to be 23 years older than a sibling!

  2. I'm so glad you decided to join too! I have moved a lot - it's why I have no friends. But now that I've been in the same field in Chicago for 2 years it's I'm around ladies with similar interests so maybe I'll make a friend (it's soooo hard when your old!) In fact I read a book about it "MWF seeking BFF". And having a much younger brother is weird, people always think he's my kid, and he's a spoiled little $#it.

  3. Holly Cow! Two challenges? Sounds like you're gonna be busy. You look fabulous on that picture! You always have something interesting to share. I enjoy reading :)
    I like the topic listed on thestoryofmylife blog. I don't talk much about myself, at least I don't think I do. I'm hesitant to join cause I'm not sure if I can keep up.

    1. I know but I need the challenge! You should join no shame if you miss a few days (i won't tell the blogging police!) Just join one I think the topics get easier, I already wrote tomorrow's. :)