Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Day 14


So far I'm doing quite well on the blog every day challenge!

Ten things that make you really happy

1) A good book
2) A nap
3) A Diet Coke on ice
4) Getting a great deal on something
5) Going camping or traveling to somewhere new
6) Make-up!
7) My cat
8) Fresh sheets on the bed
9) A sincere compliment
10) Relaxing by the seashore

And for the rosalilium.com challenge -
Blog Every Day in May

Share your favourite recipe. Talk about the best cocktail you've ever tasted. Or maybe share you fave restaurant experience. Lets talking about food!

My favorite "food" is anything grain based - cereal, bread, pastries, crackers.  I have a really "plain" palette.  I do enjoy food from around the world, but my favorite parts of much of it has to do with breads.  A freshly baked loaf of honey wheat bread is my favorite. 
As for cocktails - I don't drink very often.  It interferes with my medication and so I'm a total lightweight.  I go from one drink to puking drunk.  So no cocktails for me.
I will share on of my favorite recipes for dinner parties - it's an easy to make salad that everyone seems to love (and who Doesn't love caramelized pecans?)
Roquefort Pear Salad
1 head leaf lettuce, torn into bite-size pieces


  1. The best of the best is fresh sheets on the bed with a good book to read, coke to drink, and a good book to read, and then rolling over for a nap :D

    1. Exactly - knowing I don't have to do anything or be anywhere makes me extremely happy. The cat should also be snuggled on the bed and I should have the option of stepping out to the seashore :)

  2. Replies
    1. Especially if it's a more secluded place - I want to hear the ocean and enjoy the breeze.

  3. Traveling is always a fun experience. I like seeing new places...if only I had enough money.