Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Day 15!


I'm halfway thru the Blog Every Day in May Challenge times 2!

A Day in the life

                         ***Feel free to skip this as I posted about this once before!***

Ok - I get up around 9:18 (rough I know.) Also weird number because I refuse to set my alarm for an "normal" time.
Quick bath, fix hair, lotions and potions on, dressed in all black, grab purse out the door by 9:48.
On bus and Train doing make-up (yea, I'm that girl), or reading, or playing Candy Crush.
Arrive Downtown about 10:45
Check financials from yesterday, check on stock levels, check in with store team (I'm a "vendor" while in their store) Then start talking to clients that come in. 
Chat with other cosmetic consultants if they're "in house" that day about what's new in the world
"You put WHAT on your face?"
Cosmetic consult
Quick, like 15 minute Lunch
"Your face is dry because your using a cleanser meant for a 15 year old boy, and then a salicylic acid toner and no moisturizer" (this I keep in my head)
Cosmetic consult
Leave the store around 5:30 pm and try not to go to Ulta, or Sephora or Macy's or DSW which are all within a BLOCK of where I usually work. Get back on train and think about why it always smells so strongly of urine (bleckkkkk...)
Read blogs and comment while on train (so that's why my spelling sucks, or why my sentences are weird because the darn auto correct takes over.)
Home by about 7pm, Wash face and remove all makeup and lotion and potion up for the evening. Then I have to take off all my work clothes immediately (they have touched the EL and are gross) and put on fresh "house" clothes.  I do this even when I just run errands, I can't wear something I wore "outside" inside.  It bothers me. And I KNOW I am not the only one that does this! 
Drink a Diet Coke on ice and have a light snack
Take my "pre-bedtime" nap
9:30pm wake up, do any chores I need to do, read, write blog post for the next day or take pictures, do any skincare things that are that "day's" (Glycolic peel - Sunday night, Facial hair removal - Tuesday night, Deep condition hair - Wednesday night).  I also talk to my boyfriend for a bit during this time, we are really independent.  We both are always working on something and try to spend "quality time" together on days off - on "work" nights it's very quiet around our house.
Midnight - put on hand cream, nighttime lip treatment & read for a bit and then ZZZZZZ.

On my days off I run errands for 3 hours - and then I seriously just do nothing.  I take naps, I read, I do laundry and that's about it.

Blog Every Day in May

What is the single most important lesson you have ever had?

It's going to sound harsh but it has served me well -
"You are NOT Special"

The sooner you stop believing you are in some way SPECIAL and your life is so different from everyone else's the more you can focus on living.  Everyone has difficult times and if you think you are special and that your life was soooo much harder think again - I guarantee there are 1 billion people without access to clean water just to begin with.  If you are so special and think you are "entitled" to people treating you a certain way, think again, you CANNOT control how other people act only yourself so stop being special and LIVE.  You are just another human on this planet and it is up to YOU to make your life happy, healthy and worthwhile. 

Now I need to go take some pictures to bring some beauty back to this blog :)



  1. I really agree with the sentiment that no one is that "special"--I think self-confidence is such an important lesson for children to learn but these days it seems like it's veering into narcissism, with children not being taught to earn their way in life. Think those soccer games where they don't keep score and everyone gets a trophy...say whaaaaaaat? (See, this is why I shouldn't have children. I'd be thrown out of all their soccer games!)

    1. Oh I sooo agree! My brother and I grew up in the days when you had to compete - now my other 2 brothers have grown up in the age of everyone gets a trophy and they are the spoiled brats of the family. The brother and I who had to compete have chosen not to have kids (I'm 34 and he's 28) the younger brothers want to have kids (well my one brother is only 11 so we'll see)
      But so many people I work with think they need special treatment not just at work but in life - and it blows my mind.

  2. Your typical day sounds way more exciting than mines. I'd feel weird doing my makeup in public. Not that there's anything wrong with others doing it. It's just me. I cannot take naps by that I mean, I'm an insomniac as it is and taking a nap will keep me up all night.

    1. Oh I totally feel weird doing my make-up on the train - but my love of sleep gets me over it! I can spend about 15 more minutes in bed :)