Thursday, April 26, 2012

Estee Lauder's BB Cream is a Smooth Operator


Today I tried Estee Lauder's BB Cream in Light.  Estee Lauder describes it as "All at once. Moisture, protection and flawless perfection.  Plus the most effective anti-oxidant power ever. This lightweight creme delivers: An instant, even-toned, healthy look. Powerful protection with our proven Super Anti-Oxidant Complex and SPF 35. High-performance, oil-free hydration. Helps to control excess surface oil."

As you can see the Estee Lauder formula is thicker than traditional foundation and is definitely a cream

Here are my primary foundations swatched -
At the top is the Estee Lauder BB Cream (it looks very dark) underneath is the Clinique BB Cream which looks very pink, the one up from the bottom is Teint Miracle in Ivoire 1, and then at the bottom Teint Idole 24H in 100 which is my "best" match.

The cream looks dark but when rubbed in (it's more like a lotion) it matched well.  I will definitely say that I feel it gave me moisture and sun protection, but as for the flawless finish - it's not like a foundation, it minimal coverage and I actually like it best as a primer.

So if you are looking for a thicker tinted moisturizer with SPF, or a primer with some added benefits this is a good choice. 

Next up... Elf Eye Primer,


Monday, April 23, 2012

Clinique's BB Cream is more Primer than true Beauty Balm


I haven't posted in so long I feel terrible.  I've been working on my "real" career :)  I wanted to review some of the many "new" BB creams that are on the market.  If you look at the "original" BB creams that originated in Asia they were much more than the Americanized version. They provided more coverage, hid blemishes, had SPF, moisturizing agents, and dark spot and skin tone evening agents.  I feel what we are seeing on our market is more like a tinted primer with SPF.

Clinique describes their BB cream as  "This instant morning routine gives skin just about everything it needs for a quick start. SPF protection, antioxidants for prevention, plus enough coverage to banish imperfections. The perfect primer, too."

I did a swatch comparison on my arm of my usual Lancome Teint Miracle vs. the Clinique BB Cream in Shade 1.

The BB cream is on top and it's much "pinker" and creamier

I thought it might appear very pink on my skin as I actually am a "warm pale", but it blended in well.

Before BB Cream
After -The cream did give me a little coverage
 but would not cover blemishes

I think this would make a good primer, but as far as coverage goes it is very light, and you would need a concealer for any blemishes, under eye circles etc...

Next up,
Estee Lauder's foray into the BB market


Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY Brush Cleaner


I hope to actually make a video soon so I have been organizing my makeup and cleaning my brushes and setting up a "studio" space.  I read the blog (she is A-mazing) and she had a recipe for DIY brush cleaner on her site.  So I wanted to share it! 
What you need:
2 Cups Distilled Water I just used filtered
1/2 Cup Isopropyl Alcohol The Higher the alcohol content, the cleaner the brushes. I use 91%
1TBS Dishwashing Liquid
1 TBS Clear Shampoo I recommend using baby shampoo if possible.

2 TBS Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Mix it all together (Easiest in a bowl or cup with a spout, so you can pour it into your container) and viola! Done. This costs you pennies and gets enough brush cleanser to last quite some time. I highly recommend trying it out, and never waste $10 bucks on a cup of brush cleaner again!

Super Easy right!  Yea!  I totally know I dodn't clean my brushes as often as I should, so this spray formula is right up my alley!