Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blog Every Day in May! Day 7


Happy Tuesday (it's my weekend)!

Time for more random information about me ~

The thing(s) you're most afraid of:

Cockroaches! oh dear god I can handle spiders, ants, even centipedes, but the few times I have seen a cockroach I almost died.

Hitting someone with my car - I know that's extreme but if it happened it would be soo terrible.

Some one being in my house when I come home, I know I would freeze up!

Blog Every Day in May

Now onto the Rosalilium.com challenge...

Tell us all about your pets, past and/or present.

I didn't have any pets as a kid - my parents got a black lab when I was 13 but we only had him a year or so.  When I was 16 they got a chocolate lab but I left for college a year later so...  I got my first pet when I was 29!  Two cats from the Eau Claire Animal Shelter - Tank and Earl.

 Tank passed away at the beginning of April from cancer and I miss him terribly.  He was my shadow and I loved him very, very much!

Then there is my silly Earl Pearl - he doesn't meow he's chirps.  He races around the house in the night.  Hates all the toys I give him, except for the laser mouse which I have to run all over house for him for hours.  He has settled into the "alpha" role since Tank has gone and now wants petting and treats at his every chirp.

Earl also believes the fireplace to be a comfortable bed.


I don't believe I will get another cat until Earl passes (which hopefully is not for a long, long while).  But I am thinking of fostering a cat from a local humane society, if anyone has done this, let me know about it!



  1. I fear roaches too, but mostly because my daughter tested positive to a cockroach allergy and I fear what would actually happen if she got near one.

    1. I didn't know about the cockroach allergy! Now I'm scared of that too!

  2. Yeah me and bugs just don't get along, lol. It's worst when they take me by surprise. My worst fear is getting injured or gravely ill, which I had to go through that last month, and it's pretty depressing when you have to depend on others to do simple things. And my second worst fear is that same thing happening to my kids or family members.
    Thank you for sharing pictures of your pet. Sorry to hear about Tank. He looks like he's smiling on that picture. We've never had a pet. I love animals but I know I can't take on the responsibility of another creature. Raising 3 kids on my own is more than enough for me.

  3. Ew, bugs. I have nightmares about bugs! I can't stand them!

    Sorry about Tank :( Earl sounds like quite the companion. My Jiao chirps too. It's kind of funny having a chirpy cat until they start up while you're sleeping!