Friday, May 17, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Day 17


It's once again time for more of my thoughts on life... 

A favorite photo of yourself and why?

Ok so this is me before the MDNA concert last September - I was vogue-ing in like EVERY picture!  But this actually looks like ME to ME.  And it was such an amazing concert and I had a lot of fun so this picture also brings back happy thoughts! 

On to the prompt from

Describe or photograph your walk to work. Or journey to work if you use transport. Is it pretty or incredibly dull? 

I walk about 2 blocks to catch a bus to the El station and its not pretty along Western ave.  Lots of litter and random city store fronts once I get out of my neighborhood.  Then I take the bus a few miles south and get to the very utilitarian El stop.  But its in Germantown (more commonly known as Lincoln Square) and they have a piece of the Berlin Wall on display so that's pretty neat!

Then I ride the El downtown and there are senic views of the city along the way. There are also creepy smelly people on both the bus and El. 

Once I get downtown, its all pretty, Chicago has amazing architecture wherever you turn.
And then I work and often I see people wearing questionable outfits, especially now that it is warm.  I didn't take pictures of that.  But I also see lots of cute outfits, purses, and shoes and I ask where they got them so thats fun.

On the way home the El platform faces Trump tower so here's a view of that.

Overall, I have a very urban scenic route and though it takes an hour to go 8 miles, Im not driving so I get to enjoy it all.  :)



  1. That's such a beautiful picture of you!

  2. When I saw your picture I immediately thought oooo Vogue! before I even started reading hehe. You look stunning!
    It's a long ride to work but it's probably better than driving yourself with the kind of traffic you guys have.

    1. I was striking a pose like it was my job! And I do enjoy being chauffeured around :). The traffic isn't as bad as LA though....

  3. Your eye make up in that photo is stunning!

  4. That is a great photo of you! It looks like you were having a ton of fun.

    Chicago does have some very nice architecture downtown. That piece of the Berlin wall is really cool. I'm so glad I don't have to take a train or bus to get to work--the creepy people would drive me bonkers.

  5. lol its hard for me to to vogue when the cameras are on me.