Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nail Polish collection - Video!


Today I wanted to share the rest of my nail polish collection - it is no where near the size of a lot of people's "collections"!  But it did help me realize I have a lot of colors - which is good I need to be more discretionary when I buy. 

So after seeing this what am I missing?  Is their a polish I NEED to get? Or a brand I need to try?

Let me know your thoughts!



  1. Great collection! Do you know how many bottles of polish you have? I honestly don't need any more polish, but I'm always finding one that I have to have (which I really don't). My collection is over 300 and I really need to stop (seriously). LOL

    You have a good variety so I won't bother suggesting anything, besides I'd probably go overboard. LOL What I need now is a nail polish rack...they are just sitting in the 2nd drawer of my dresser and on top of my jewelry box, but I'd like to display them so I can see them.

  2. You have a pretty good size collection and good variety too in my opinion. I love pinks and reds but I don't love them that much as far as nail color goes unless they have a nice interesting finish.