Monday, May 27, 2013

May Cara Box Swap - New York


This month I joined in the Cara Box swap hosted by Kaitlyn at

Cara Box

This month's box theme was - "So this month you will get to know your partner. Figure out things they love or are passionate about.  Then make them a box filled with thoughtful items - but they must be themed towards the region YOU live in. This will give you the opportunity to send things to your partner that shows them a little bit about where you come from. So if they like chocolate, maybe send them a locally found chocolate bar! Please be mindful to still include things themed around what they like, just figure out a way to tie in your region."

So my partner Kaitlin is from Brooklyn, NY and she sent me all sorts of goodies from "The Empire State".

The Lavender sachet is from the green market in Union Square, she walks by everyday - how wonderful to walk by Union Square!  It smells wonderful and I put it on my nightstand so I can enjoy the relaxing scent before sleep.

I also got some Julie G. polishes!  I believe they are only available at Rite-aid.  They are both lovely colors and nothing like I have.

She also sent me some delicious treats from the Nutbox which has 3 locations in NY.  They have all sorts of nuts, and dried fruit, candies and seeds!  I just tried the Choco N Nuts Mix and its great :)

Kaitlyn posts the new Cara Box theme at the begining of every month on her site ( if you would like to join!

Thank you again to my partner for a lovely box!



  1. Looks like so much fun! I keep thinking of joining in and then I just forget, lol. One of these days!

    1. I've only done it twice, I really only "join in" when I feel I can do the theme justice!

  2. Nice goodies! Nail polish and food would be enough to make me a happy camper hehe. Can't wait to see swatches of the polishes.

  3. Those are fantastic, and the Julie Gs are awesome!

  4. I LOVE new nail polish!! So cute!

  5. My box was so fun, thank you!! :)