Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blog in May Every Day! Day 12


It's Day 12 of Blog Every Day in May!

 What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

I miss my cat Tank who passed away last month, I think I always will.  He was such a good cat and I just feel sad that I lost him early.  It was just hard because he was ok and then 2 days later he was gone, but I know he didn't suffer.  ohhhh having pets is both wonderful and hard.  They are such pure little souls.

I miss being 20 and having my whole life ahead of me, those years go so fast and nothing quite compares.

I miss my friends that I left in Wisconsin, I miss girl's night out and just having someone that "knows" me.

Ok the next prompt better be something more cheerful...

Blog Every Day in May

Are you a collector? Maybe a bit of a hoarder? Tell us about something you like to collect.

I can't call my make-up a "collection" because I use most of it, ok honestly not even a fifth of it - so I am a hoarder.  I just want to have it all!  It's such a sickness, but I am slowly curing myself and heading towards minimalism.  I also used to have like 1,000 books (NO JOKE) but I gave away a lot before I left Wisconsin and now I haven't bought anymore (the library is my friend) and I have been just weeding through and selling them to used book stores.  It's really hard for me to part with my "reference" books though.
In my boyfriend's "office I take up a good 7 feet with my refrence books - most are on how to sew, make crafts, needlepoint etc.  So I don't want to get rid of them - but they are such a pain to store and move.  Then I have an 8ft custom bookcase in my bedroom for fiction, and 2 built in cabinets on either side of the fireplace that have series and big "coffee table" books and interesting non-fiction.  I am so overly attached to these books it's just wrong. 

So please make me feel better and tell me what you hoard/collect so I can feel normal again.



  1. I hoard cats I have 5. I also hoard nail polish and purses.

    1. I think I will be a cat hoarder when I hit my crazy cat lady phase, only a few years away. Cats are so easy to hoard - they're just so cute!

  2. If we had a bigger house I would be able to hoard more books! I am so attached to good books.

    I'm sorry about Tank. :( I know I'm gonna be a hot mess when I lose my kitties. They're my babies!

    1. I'm trying to break my attachment to "things" - I really, really want to live simply. But I think it's ingrained in us as children to feel like possessions "make" us.

      I was a hot mess after Tank died, I only took one day off work and I felt like that was extreme, but I was so sad. I still am heartbroken, but I'm not crying every night - so that's progress!

  3. I didn't know you used to live in Wisconsin. I can't never see myself living in a big town like Chicago. Traffic is just too much for me.
    I hoard clothes, makeup, jewelries, and shoes. Yep, I have a serious hoarding problem but what can I say? Shopping makes me a happy person.

    1. Yep - I lived in Eau Claire for 3 years. The traffic SuCkS - but I take the subway to and from work and honestly I don't have to deal with it very often at all. Shopping used to be such therapy for me - but lately I just want to start from scratch and have nothing!