Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Day 26


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Amanda Bynes latest mess - sweet wig girl! (Also check out her random missing nails...)
OMG - I love me some celebrity gossip - I just like reading the little snipets.  But Amanda Bynes is cray cray.  If you haven't heard she recently has the cops called on her for smoking weed in the lobby of her building, when the cops came to her door a bit later she supposedly ran and threw a bong out the window.  She claims she threw a vase out the window and that the cop "slapped her in the vagina".  Then she later claimed she just opened the window to get fresh air.  Now If you have seen previous tweets from her, she seems like she's not doing so good.  But I actually think this kind of behavior is more common than one would think.  I just think of all the coo-coo banana pants people the Chicago police have to deal with every day.  And who gets "slapped in the vagina?" 

Blog Every Day in May

Dinner party time - Who would you invite? What music is playing? What are you eating? Is there entertainment? Let your imagination go wild!

Well here's an idea of the setting:

I like dinner parties to be relatively small - so no more than 10.  And by the way I'm wearing this:

As for music, I think I would make a mix of hits from the 70's, 80's and 90's that help bring back some memories and spark conversation.  I would want to bring together my friends from around the country, it would be great to have them all together. 

I love this Monoply themed menu and the items on it!

So that's my party - but this most important part would be the people, we could be eating saltine crackers if the company is right :)



  1. I feel sad for Amanda Bynes :( She had so much promise. It's crazy how mental illness comes about as someone can be mentally healthy then go nuts in early adulthood.

    1. And I don't know if it is mental problems or drug use that got her here.

  2. wow she couldn't have picked a better wig either, SMH. Sometimes I feel like celebrities enjoy the attention from being crazy or weird.
    The dinner party looks fabulous!

    1. She later tweeted that she needed Niki Minaj's wig people WHHHHAAAAA...

  3. Dang, that wig! I feel bad for her. She reminds me of Britney back in her days of attacking cars with umbrellas.

    That dinner party looks fabulous! I love the menu!

    1. I just don't know what to think - I think it's a LOT of drugs. Whereas Britany I think had mental illnes exsasperated by drugs. But I feel like they get away with a LOT of illegal stuff...