Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Skincare tips - Eyecream


Today I wanted to share some tips about skincare - by way of application.  One of the most incorrectly used products out there is eye cream!!  How can you mess up eye cream you wonder?  You would not believe.

Super cute eye cream bottle drawn for me by my boyfriend (so nice!)
First and foremost choose an eye cream based on the problem you most want to target.  There are going to be all sorts "things" the cream will say they will do.  Choose the cream that is created for your problem.  And sadly, don't try to find one for EVERYTHING - it's not going to happen.  Decide if you want to target wrinkles, dark circles, or bags and then go after it. 

The amount you need to use is FAR less than what you think:

The amount on my finger tip in the picture above is enough for BOTH eyes - yep that's all you need.

Now then, application is the key!  Take your little bit of cream and tap (TAP don't rub!) it onto the areas indicated by the blue dots.

You'll know where to tap because you should feel your orbital bone - do not go higher than the orbital bone!  And never ever on the eyelid!  Eye cream is concentrated and the cells around your eyes know what they are doing - they will get it to right spot.  If you put it on your eyelid or by your waterline then the cream gets IN your eye - and that leads to puffiness and irritation which defeats the point.

If you have any eye cream that isn't absorbed while tapping it in place tap it out in the direction of the arrows.  Don't pull or swipe it down - you don't need to cause yourself wrinkles by eye cream use!

That's about it!  Eye cream is a great weapon in your skincare arsenal when used correctly! 



  1. Great tips! Eye cream is definitely one of my staple skincare products and it's well worth the investment in a high quality one.

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    1. I agree! If I am lazy about putting it on my eyes get so dry!

  2. Great Post - i've been wanting to get an eye cream for more preventative reasons and for making sure the area is moisturized for concealer. Lovely illustrations to show where to put it as well :)

    1. Thanks! Eye cream makes a big difference, and really helps you not need as much concealer as well!

  3. Thank you so much for this! As I've just started with eye cream I'm pretty clueless.

    1. It's seriously not discussed enough, I think there should be directions on every box!

  4. I have never used eye cream before. My friends say that I have a very soft and glowing skin. Nice information though, I can share this with my friends. Thanks for sharing.

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