Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beauty Blogger HQ - April Task


Today I am doing the April Beauty Blogger Headquarters' Challenge!

Beauty Blogger Headquarters

This Month's task is all about inspiration!  So lets dig in!
What inspires you to blog and/or vlog?

I am inspired to blog because there are SOOOO many wonderful products out there and so much mis-information!  I can't live in a world where everybody wears MAC cosmetics just because of the name, puts Vaseline on their face at night because they think it's moisturizing or never try a red lipstick.  Everyday when I talk to women about skin care and basic cosmetics I am inspired to show things on my blog - I want it to be a resource.  I don't want people to feel intimidated.  I vlog to break it down even further, skincare needs to be a conversation - everyone is different and your skin is your largest organ - you need to get past commercials and get down to what works for you!

Share some of your favorite blogs to read for inspiration? 

I love Christine @ Little Red Bow -> She and I have very similar skin tones and cosmetic leanings, but she's much younger and hipper!  Her blog inspires me to try so many colors (I got Tarte Amozianian Clay blush in Tipsy because of her review) She picked out my favorite concealer and I love reading everything she posts.

Beauty Redefined by Pang -> Ok first of all she takes AMAZING pictures and constantly inspires me to do better.  Then the reviews are so well thought out and tested that you know if it's a hit or miss no need to check it out if you can't get to the store!  She has so many nail polish and eyeliner reviews it's like a library of inspiration!  And she is very creative with her cosmetic looks!

Martha @ QuickCheap & Pretty -> She inspires me to try my hand at fashion blogging, make sure I am conscious of cruelty free and vegan friendly brands and she loves to read as much as I do!   I also am inspired by the tone of her vlogs - she makes it very conversational and educational.

Mandy @ Prettymaking - does the most beautiful eye looks and swatches!  She inspired me to start a blog and is my go to for buying indie!

Ronnie @ Bows & Curtseys - was one of the first blogs I ever read and her color work is mind-blowing!  I could look at her eye makeup looks for days.

There are so many other blogs that I love for so many reasons but I decided to stop here.

What are your favorite magazines to browse for inspiration?
Allure, Marie Claire & Harper's Bazzar - I will say before YouTube and blogs - magazines were so much more inspirational I remember ripping ads out for Shishedo and Chanel to attempt to mimic, I read them more now for educational inspiration.

How do you organize your inspiration? Pinterest board, notebook, sketchpad, etc.? 
Because I am inspired daily - I keep a box of products by my desk and it is all I need to organize what I am going to post about.  I usually don't write posts very far ahead.  What you are reading has been written within 24 hours maybe, maybe 48 hours out for my book reviews.

What motivates you to continue blogging and/or vlogging?
There is always new items on the market and everyday I experience the confusion people have about skin care - and I want to change that!  Mass market brand advertising lights a fire under me everyday - it makes me crazy!!! They use young models and weird lingo and seriously no one knows what they are buying - I want to give GOOD information not product description.

How would you describe your style of blogging and/or vlogging, how has it changed from when you first started?
I think my style is conversational - and always has been.  I have gotten better at pictures and more diverse what I write about so that it isn't just swatches of foundations.  I think I also try to engage my audience more.

How do you handle competitive thoughts with other bloggers/vloggers?
I have age envy - I want to be young and doing this - but it doesn't feel competitive!  If I read a blog that I feel is "better" than mine it just inspires me to make myself better and work on what I am doing.  I guess that is where being "older" is an advantage - I'm old enough to know better!  And I also see the value of criticism whether given kindly or not.

For fun, share some of your favorite inspiring photos:

from -> color and simplicity!! Love!

The colors...the pretty!

This is soooo my aesthetic!  It inspires me to look "classic" and put together everyday!


I ALWAYS need organization inspiration!

All right!  Hope you made it through all of this!  THANK YOU ALL FOR INSPIRING ME!!!



  1. Aw thank you for the shout out and to be honest, I am also pretty clueless when it comes to skincare, which is also another reason why I love your blog cause you know your stuff. I love your honest reviews and how you engage with your subscribers. Keep up the good work and don't let the age discourage you because you're right, it also makes us wiser. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad to have gotten to "know" you thru our blogs :)

  2. Aw, thank you so much for the shoutout! You're too sweet!! And now I have some new blogs to go follow. I love hearing about the blogs other bloggers love best, I've found some of my new favorites that way!!

    I love that photo of the volumized hair!! Wowza! I need to work on my teasing skills methinks. I should probably also get around to writing my monthly task entry :D procrastination ahoy!

    1. The hair is amazing right! Some if my favorite blogs I found on other blogs. Can't wait to read your task - you still have 2 weeks no worries!

  3. Awww thank you Jasmine! I love reading your blog too and find everything you post so helpful :) I absolutely love that picture of the girl with the updo. I wish I could do hair like that.

  4. I love that you mentioned feeling inspired when you see "better" blogs, I'm the same way. If I find a blog that captivates me, I look at it and see how I could get that same vibe with my websites.

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