Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kiss New York Plump & Juicy lipgloss


Today I want to share a lip gloss with you that's crazy affordable and has fun colors.  It's Kiss New York's Plump and Juicy and you can get them HERE, or at a lot of beauty supply places.  A friend got this for me (Hi Boo!) because she knows I love me some plumping gloss! 

It looks like a black cherry color in the tube but comes out more of a raspberry.

It smells just like fruit snacks - the grape ones I think :)

It gives almost full coverage, a little bit of tingle and plump, and lots of shine.

Not too bad for $2.99!  I'm sure it doesn't have the best ingredients, but I don't know many lip glosses that do.  I hope to try a few more!

What's your favorite inexpensive cosmetic?



  1. This looks more like a liquid lipstick! The colour is lovely on you :) I never knew Kiss made makeup, I just thought they did fake nails.

    1. I did too! Well nails and eyelashes were all I've ever seen. But it appears they have a few lip products now.

  2. The packaging is pretty cute actually. I like the pigmentation and color as well. I'm more of a lipstick person but I think my favorite cheap glosses are NYX. Otherwise, in terms of glosses, I tend to favor MAC because they have a better lasting power.

  3. I also love love love plumping glosses! This gives great color for only 2.99!!! Have you tried buxom glosses? They are more pricey but have lovely color range and give a nice minty plump