Monday, April 8, 2013

MOTW - funky french


Please forgive any typos or crazy alignment posting this from my phone.  This week's manicure is my favorite kind Traditional French with a twist.

I used the Model City polish Nikki from heaven has cupcakes Sent me in our monthly nail mail exchange, and then one of the new Sinful Colors from their Spring Sugar Rush Collection.

The Model City polish actually has a very black translucent base with various sizes of teal glitter, so it makes a cool dark glittery french tip.

The above picture was taken indoors and the other in daylight.  Posting from my phone is not fun.

What do you think?



  1. That glitter is stunning! It reminds me of a teal version of the MAC glitter polished they released last Christmas.

  2. Thank you Christine! I don't know much about MAC polishes, all I care about when getting a polish is that it is purty!! :) And now I have too many polishes! I put mine all into an Excel spreadsheet and I have over 160 - I wish I had a sister to share with!