Monday, September 2, 2013

New to me indie polish - K.B. Shimmer


I recently placed an order thru K.B. Shimmer for some lovely polishes!   If you check out her site be prepared to want them all!

I got The Grape Escape & Hex Appeal - $8.75 ea.
You can't really tell how pretty they are in that picture (it was taken in natural light).  The Grape Escape is a dusty purple matte with turquoise shimmer.

I kinda caught it in the picture above, I like it because it looks good matte and glossy!

Hex Appeal is all sorts of glittery hexes and small dots in a navy blue translucent base - this will look great over a navy polish base.

Here they are swatched - again I just couldn't capture how pretty The Grape Escape is.  I plan on using Hex Appeal this week so you will be seeing it again soon!



  1. Oh my, those are beautiful! I can't wait to see Hex Appeal. That doesn't look like anything I have!

    1. I really did poor swatches but I'm hoping my manicure "redeems" this post :)

  2. Hex Appeal looks gorgeous! Can't wait to check out your mani!