Monday, December 2, 2013

Snail Mail Collective - Reveal


This month I participated in the Snail Mail Collective once again - What is it?

"Snail Mail Collective is an international friendship and package exchange. Each month, you have the opportunity to be paired with one new friend, get to know them for a couple weeks, and then exchange a small themed package."

There is only one month left - so sign up HERE if you like.

This month I was paired up with D'Ann from Mismatched Simplicity who lives in Lubbock, Texas and the theme was Gratitude.

D'Ann's blog really exemplifies Gratitude because she writes about all the wonderful bits of life.  She also sent me a very nice little package as well.  Aren't the Fox place card holders just lovely!  And the glitzy mechanical pencils are so ME! 

Thank you D'Ann!

So what are you guys most grateful for? 



  1. How cool! Those little foxes are too adorable.

  2. Oh no! I didn't realize December is the last month for it or I would have signed up.