Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ipsy - August Bag!


I got my August Ipsy Bag!  This month's theme was : "Glamour Academy"

There were a lot of different brands that could have come in the bag - so I am interested to see what every one else got.

I got items from Mica Beauty, Nailtini, Michael Todd, Urban Decay, & Pixi

From Mica Beauty I got a Shimmer Powder in Bronze this is really pretty - It's nice that it's not super dark and gives a really pretty hint of color.

This picture makes it look more "sparkly" than it is - I will definitely be using this! 
Full size - $44.95  Size I received - $8.99

Next up Nailtini -

I got the color Mai Tai - a really pretty deep coral.  To really appreciate Nailtini you need to check out their Website and the "mixing" they suggest!   Value $13.00

I also got the Michael Todd Pumpkin mask which their website describes as "This mask smells so much like fresh pumpkin you will think it's Thanksgiving. And exfoliant lovers will give Thanks! That tingle is the pumpkin enzyme combining with glycolic acid to go to town on your skin’s flaws dissolving impurities like dead skin and clogged pores. Adds brightness and radiance to the skin and significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after a single use."
Exfoliating, glycolic acid, tingling - YES!  These are the things that I really like in a mask.  Full size 3.4 oz - $34  My size 1oz -$10

And the good stuff just keeps coming~  Pixi Lash Booster Mascara.  "This unique mascara truly boosts your lashes, giving them a "push-up" effect that lasts all day. The dense, rich formula ensures that lashes are coated with maximum pigment, for long-lasting full colour. The cone-shaped brush coats each lash evenly for the ultimate smudge-free, waterproof lash & eye definition. Available in intense eye-opening shades, including the revolutionary "blackest blue" that awakens the eyes and makes the whites of the eyes appear whiter."  I love, love mini mascaras - as I rarely use the same one everyday - so the small size means I use it for 3 weeks, it doesn't go bad and I don't feel so guilty.  Also the Blue Black is a GREAT color!
AND...  If I've said it once on this blog, I've said it 5 times THE MINUTE you crack open a mascara the clock is ticking, you better use it up in 3 months or it's bad!!  You have itchy eyes - probably not allergies, I bet it's a bad mascara.  Contacts bothering you - bad mascara.  Dry mascara - I bet its more than 3 months old!  Value - $5.50??

And finally some Urban Decay Lipstick ~

 It's their new Revolution Lipstick which they describe as "Our Pigment Infusion SystemTM gives the formula its super creamy texture, insane pigmentation, superior color dispersion and extended wear.  Maxi-LipTM defines and hydrates lips while making them look plumper and fuller."  Their are 22 shades I got "69" Not my favorite name choice ever. 

It is a rich raspberry red - I love my reds!  Very pretty - cute size too!  I rarely go thru a whole lipstick so again a mini is great!  Full size - $22 My size $6.50 ??  I think it's a little less than a third of a full size.

So here is all the stuff together~

Total value - $43.99

Ipsy is only $10 a month it's the only subscription I do - and I am always pleased!  Can't wait to see what others got!

What would be your favorite item?



  1. Great bag! That masks sounds amazing. I'm still holding strong and not relapsing to any subs but they certainly aren't making it any easier!

    1. I'm am so glad I started Ipsy when I did, I've never seen another sub I think I would like. Do I have more products than I need - yes. Do I share - no. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited about this Glambag! I really hope I get the pumpkin mask and Urban Decay lippie. The raspberry color you got is very nice.

    1. They really did good! And I'm getting better about not cheating and looking at the hint pictures before the bag comes out.

  3. That mask sounds interesting !!! Thanks for the share...

  4. Not bad! I think I'd be happy with the mask and the lipstick. The rest is I wouldn't feel like I need it.

  5. Wow, you got your bag early! I haven't gotten a tracking code at all and the site hasn't even updated my glam room yet. Can't wait to get mine!

  6. aaah, you got some great stuff, i love Urban Decay Lipstick and Nailtini :)

  7. Great bag! The polish and shimmer powder look amazing!

  8. Ugh, I KNEW I should have signed up for that bag! Pixi and Urban Decay--great items! But yeah, some of the new UD lippie names were a little...uh...not shades I'd just rattle off to anyone who asked.

    "What lipcolor is that?" "69!" Just NO. :D