Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tales from the Scale


Today I wanted to do a little update on my healthy living and exercise regimen. 

So the scale hasn't moved a LOT - but I'm down about 6 lbs in 4 weeks so that's good!  And my pants definitely feel looser in the thigh hip area!  YAY! 

I thought changing my diet would be hard - but it actually just takes a bit of planning and I feel so much better.  Here's some of my healthy eating tips!
  • Greek Yogurt and fruit make a great breakfast and it has lots of protein
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit is nature's candy!  I haven't had an actual piece of candy in 26 days (not that I'm counting)
  • Tilapia can be made a lot of different ways - and is good bang for your calorie buck.
  • Broccoli raw is my favorite and SOOOO good for you, but if you hate broccoli try to eat more raw carrots.  They are full of vitamins and the crunch is satisfying. 
  • Salad with lean protein and low calorie dressing is always a good choice. 
  • Don't eat after 9pm, just don't
As for exercise my Fitbit is key!  I now know I am WAYYYY less active than I thought I was.  It's the reality check I need each day to make sure I get on the elliptical, or take a bike ride, or even just take the steps when ever I can. 
I also didn't realize I was only sleeping 6 hours a night - I always thought I went  to bed earlier than I actually do and slept more soundly.  By making some changes (white noise helps drown out my cat playing all night), a fan on me keeps me from getting too hot, I can get 8 restful hours. 
It's not all smiles and rainbows, but I know what I'm putting in my body now and I definitely am getting more out, and if I end up looking like a supermodel in the end - well that's just a bonus :)
Any tips for me?


  1. That's definitely a progress. Losing weight takes time and being consistent with healthy eating and exercise is so hard to keep up. Keep up the good work :). I've noticed that I've been sleeping more lately, which is good because I used to only sleep 4-6 hours a day.

    1. I'm glad your getting more sleep! I read this book about sleep a while back and didn't realize how badly you need those 8 hours.

  2. Woohoo for healthy changes! Right now I'm on a kick of eating peaches instead of candy, and they're so much more satisfying.

    Having a fan running makes all the difference for me when I'm trying to sleep! Especially if one of the kitties gets the zoomies. :D

    1. Kitties in the night are my biggest problem. I don't love peaches but the girls in the office have been ejoying them and they smell devine!

  3. Keep up the healthy lifestyle changes! I have been watching what I eat a lot more and started exercising again this week...I just have to stick with it and not fall into my old ways.