Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Total Beauty Mystery Collection - Revealed!


One of my favorite beauty websites to read is Total Beauty.com.  They always have interesting articles like "Orange is the New Black - The Weirdest Place you'll Find Rad DIY Beauty Tips". They also have "Collections" which are kind of like a one-time subscription service where you get a bunch of beauty stuff at a discount based around a theme.  Well I was reading on of my favorite blogs Making up the Midwest (she's from Chicago, makes amazing videos, reviews a TON of products and always has the 411 on the best deals.) - Go follow her now, I'll wait. 
She mentioned that Total Beauty was doing a Mystery collection box for $26 + free shipping but she had a discount code so you could get it for $22.10 +free shipping.  I had my debit card out faster than you could say "Beauty Hoarder".  It promised 7 full size products and 3 deluxe sizes + 2 Full Size NYX products that were not a Mystery (You knew you were going to get their color balm and a roll on shadow)
So here's what arrived today!
It only took 5 days to get here - so what's inside?

4 Revlon ColorStay Polishes in (LtoR) Jungle, Seashell, Sunburst & Trade Winds 
 Value - $20.00 (4.99 ea)
Revlon Lip Butters in Pink Lemonade & Sorbet!  Value - $12.98 ($6.49 ea)
NYX Roll on Shimmer in Nude & NYX Color Lip Balm in Thank you   
Value - $8.25 ($4.50 & $3.75)

Ziaja Goat's Milk Day Cream - which I may use as a hand cream :)  And Chella Resurfacing Mask (Enzyme and Lactic Treatment) My favorite kind of mask - the kind that takes some skin off! 
Value - $6.33  ($2.25 & $4.08)  A bottle of the Chella Mask usually runs $60!

Ferro Cosmetics Blush X3 Mineral Blush in Terra Cotta & Suzie's Glow - the Ferro Website is so cool you might want to check it out if you like Mineral makeup.  The full size are 4 grams and cost $17.00, I'm going to guess these are a gram each?  They get all over when you open it because it doesn't have a sifter and a little goes a long way.
It's Terra Cotta on the Left and Suzie's Glow on the right - so pretty (I wasn't able to really catch the colors)  Value -$8.50 (4.25 ea)
Revlon ColorStay Shadow Palette in Sea Mist - Great colors!  Value $5.99
The Honest Co.  organic lip balm in Sweet Orange Vanilla - $3.32 (Usually these come in a trio for $9.95).
Total Value - $65.37  Now I was using Target, Cherry Culture and Amazon prices - so I may be lower than what you could find these for, but that's where I would buy them.
It is a lot of Revlon products - but I like the ones I got a lot. I also like that they introduced me to new affordable brands.  I am also pleased that the other half of the products are almost all cruelty free and made with more "natural" ingredients, so I feel did they did a good job of giving you a Total Beauty package.  I only paid $22.15 - am I pleased - oh yeah!
What do you think?


  1. Replies
    1. I know - I am usually not a huge Revlon fan, butiI really liked everything I got!

  2. I'm glad I chose not to get this box. I'm trying to stick to buying cruelty-free, so I would have been disappointed to see so much Revlon. It's a fantastic deal if that isn't a concern though!

    1. It should be a concern... I always think of starting my whole regimen over, but I need to focus on some other things first.

  3. love it! definitely got your moneys worth!

  4. Awesome deal! You definitely got more bangs for your bucks. Can't wait for the reviews and swatches, especially the Revlon eyeshadow quad.

  5. What a package! Kind of odd to get so much Revlon, but at least they sent you good colors instead of really bland boring colors--especially for the nail polish!!

  6. LOL, my Ferro eye shadow did the same thing! (Got everywhere!) Also, I have that Honest Co. orange vanilla lip balm, and I love it. I think it is one of my favorite lip balms ever. The box was well worth what you paid for it, for sure!