Thursday, June 27, 2013

Makeup Geek Single Shadows!


I have seen so many pretty "looks" done with makeup geek shadows and the price is really good $5.99 for an "un-potted shadow".  I am trying to spend less on packaging and more on quality.

I also got a pigment shadow (top) which I will review later.  I got the color "Poolside" on the left and "Goddess" on the right. 

Here they are "flipped over" - I really like the packaging, you see the color on the front window and the name on the back.  Plus these are made in the USA and cruelty free!

Here is how they compare in size to a MAC shadow.  They are like the EXACT same size.  A MAC refill (un-potted shadow) is $12.00 in the US, Makeup Geek is $5.99 - now of course Makeup Geek doesn't have as many colors, but the ones they do have a re the ones you WANT.

Above is "Poolside" on the left it's blended out and on the right a quick swatch.  I took this picture in daylight and so it is at it's "sparkly-est".  I love the color, it really is the color of the pool in summer, a color I could just stare at for days.

And here is "Goddess"  - a quick swipe on the bottom and blended on top.  Goddess is a "red" bronze which will hopefully bring out the green in my eyes :)

So there is my fledgling Makeup Geek collection - which after I get Organized, maybe I can add to :)

Have you tried Makeup Geek?



  1. I have been wanting to pick up some Makeup Geek shadows and now I will try them for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  2. How does the quality compare to MAC shadows?

    1. I would definitely say better - but I personally think MAC's quality has gone down in the past 5 years. There are soooo many brands out there now making a variety of colors - and being more innovative in my opinion ( Inglot, SugarPill, LimeCrime etc...) That I rarely buy a MAC product anymore.

  3. The price is so much better than MAC. I'd love to read a review on these when you get a chance.

    1. I suck at eyeshadow reviews - but here is an amazing one written TODAY as a matter of fact about the whole Makeup Geek collection - Meredith does amazing work so if she thinks its good, its good.

  4. They're both lovely colours! If I were to buy these I'd totally get poolside, so fun!

  5. I've been dying to try Crème Brule and Cocoa Bear... But I didn't want to buy them if they didn't fit into my MAC palettes... now that I've read your review it's time for a haul!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  6. Well well, now I've found a new brand I must try...those are both beautiful colors!!! And I like the price point, MUCH better than MAC :)