Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summerin' Lovin Swap!


I participated in the Summer Lovin' Swap hosted by Angie @ Hair Spray & High Heels

I was partnered with Ash @ A Beauty Moment and the goal was to send a package filled with Summer favorites for around $20 (not including shipping).  I was really excited to be paired with Ash as she lives in Guam - (which as you hopefully know is a unincorporated territory of the US so I could send via regular US mail). 

Here's the amazing package I received!

From the left (clockwise)

1) COOKIES!!  (she knows I have a wicked sweet tooth)
2) CANDIES! (see above) :)
3) The Burt's Bees Tips & Toes kit I had on my wish list - So Thoughtful! 
4) 2 lipsticks
5) Tropical Toe Separators
6) Floral Cuticle oil
7) A bit of Guam in a bottle :)
A lovely note
Here's the Burt's Bees Kit - Hand Salve and Cuticle Oil and Foot Cream -
Ahhh I'm so happy I just love it!
On the Left "Island Girl" Cuticle Oil - it is so pretty to look at and wonderful to use
Magic Kiss Lipstick - it's pink on one side and green on the other - and it adapts to your lip color
Revlon lipstick in Certainly Red - we all know I love Red lipstick!
And a bottle with shells and sand from Guam!
It was a really fun swap and thank you again Ash for sending me such a thoughtful and fun package!
What are some of your summer favorites?


  1. You're so very welcome! I had fun shopping for you! Thank YOU as well for your lovely lovely gifts. :) I made a post about it too! Can't wait to swatch the polishes :)))

  2. That cuticle oil is too cute! I'm curious to hear about that Magic lipstick.

  3. Looks like a ton of fun! The "Guam in a bottle" is awesome.