Sunday, June 9, 2013

The MakeUp Show Chicago!


Today I went to the MakeUp Show Chicago!

The MakeUp Show is an annual event bringing together all beauty and fashion professionals to present the largest pro-driven beauty event to the Midwest!

It also happened in LA and NYC earlier this year an will happen in Orlando in September, they do have The MakeUp Show Europe, but it's not until 2014.

I got to meet Anthony Kosar and Meaghan Hester from season 4 of Face Off - I loooove the show so it was very exciting!  Excuse my crazy looking hair :)

I finally got to see the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics concealers!  You can see they come in very pale shades (and have a red or yellow undertone - Yellow on top, Red bottom row) I got Y0 - top left corner pot. 

Here are swatches are the first four colors - from the left - R0, Y0, R1 and Y1.  You only need a very small amount and it's creamy - as you may have surmised I love it!

I got to check out Ellis Faas and their "bullet" system - if you don't know what I'm talking about check out Here.   I got 2 liquid metallic shadows and they are A-mazing!

Here are the liquid eye shadows swatched but they are so, so much more amazing in real life.  They can be sheared out, used alone or used as a base.

I never realized exactly how much stuff Make Up For Ever sells until I saw the full line, but I'm not going to be body painting any time soon so... I think I can stick to what Sephora has :)

Every kind of Eyelashes in the world seemed available, this is just a small selection.  My favorite are the 2nd row on the right - with the thick fringe on the outside.

I also fell in L-O-V-E with Naked pigments, just look at that pigmentation and range of colors!

So that's how I spent my Sunday - it was fun to hang out with so many other beauty loving individuals, and see so many fun products!  But my wallet is very glad it only happens once a year!



  1. Oh wow I'd love to go to something like this. Those liquid eyeshadows look amazing!

    1. IMATS is in Toronto in November! It's open to the public and even better than the Makeup Show because their are more brands - I think I may go!

  2. I bet you had a blast! I wished I could be a part of it but since it's not open to the public I'll just have to save up for IMATS one of these days. Can't wait to see your haul and reviews.

    1. Trust me - you could get in. It's open to anybody who can prove their beauty industry related. Seriously next year we are going!

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing time!

  4. sooo cool!

  5. Oh my gosh I am so jealous!!! I wish I would have known about it!!! I also really want to go to the IMATS!!! :) Looks like you had such a great time!

  6. Oh my glory i can't handle it all. I don't know how you managed to only buy what you did! Everything looks so amazing and it looks like you had so much fun! Way jealous :D