Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hard Candy's Face Primer is "Hard"ly worth it


Yesterday I tried Hard Candy's Face Primer (the Sheer Envy Version, the have an Illuminating and a Skin Perfecting version).  You can buy it at Wal-Mart for around $8.  I believe it's definitely a silicone based primer, as it is clear and has that strange overly soft, thick gel feel.
Be forewarned a little goes a LONG way!

Hard Candy's website describes the product as "Sheer Envy Primer helps to even out the skin while reducing shine. Improves foundation application while minimizing skin imperfections. Make-up lasts longer and skin is left velvety smooth."  Those statements my be true for some but I didn't see the effects.  I got really oily throughout the day.  I don't think my skin likes all that silicone!  As you can also see from the pictures below - I don't really think it evened out my skin.  Skin Imperfections - I don't have a lot right now so it's hard for me to judge, but I think it would exacerbate any on coming acne I had.
Before Primer
After Primer

As you can see there is little difference in the Before and After.  My foundation went on as smoothly as it does without primer but as I said I got abnormaly oily within a few hours.  It's not a BAD primer per se, but I don't think most would be a fan and for a few dollars more you can get better product.

With my Teint Miracle foundation on

So onto the next primer...Lancome's La Base,

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  1. I hate how some primers make you soooooo oily. I am oily enough with any help! :P I won't try this now!