Monday, March 5, 2012

Lancome's La Base Pro is another Promising but Pricey option


Today I tried Lancome's La Base Pro $42.  The company describes it as "This amazing oil-free makeup base creates a smooth, radiant, and long-lasting canvas for a polished look. Exclusive Lancôme Elasto-Smooth technology refines skin's texture and diffuses light to visibly reduce imperfections, creating a satin-soft finish. Makeup glides on seamlessly. Color stays more true and vibrant for an air-brushed look all day." 

It has a bit of the weird thick, soft feel, but once its on it is weightless.  And it does make your skin feel satin soft.  It definetly helped my foundation go on smoother and helped control oil for the day.  As you can see in the pictures below I don't know if it reduced imperfections but it gives a nice finish for applying your foundation.

Before La Base Pro
After La Base Pro

I don't think it gave me the airbrushed quality it claims but it is a good primer and helped keep my foundation from getting chalky over 10 hours.

With La Base Pro and Teint Miracle Foundation

It's another good Primer but at $42 for 1oz, and MakeUp Forever at $36 for the same ounces, I'm going to save the $8 and put towards some more products :)

Next up Napolean Pardis Anti-Redness Primer,


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