Thursday, March 8, 2012

NP Set Calming Pre-Foundation Primer is a solid contender


Today I tried NP Set Calming Pre-Foundation Primer ($29 at Target).  It is green in color and relatively creamy for a primer the company describes it as "The liquid goes on without leaving a trace, and its calming formula helps to reduce redness and even out your skin tone. " 
The green tint is really subtle you don't really notice it all once it's on (and as green cancels out red generally, one would think this would help with any redness).

Before Primer
After primer I notice a slight reduction in redness and shine

I think my foundation went on about the same but I got a nice finish and it really helped it stay in place through a busy day that normally would have left my face a chalky mess.

It's a good deal for 1.7oz (almost twice the size of most primers), and works pretty well so if you are looking for something to tone down a little redness and keep your makeup on this is you stuff .


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