Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gettin Ferga-licious with Fergi Ferg Fresh from Wet n' Wild


Today I was at Walgreens, and I came across 3 color collections by Fergie for Wet n' Wild.  There was the Glamour Eyes Kit (Golds and Black), the Ferga-Vicious Kit (Copper and Green) and the Fergi Ferg Fresh which I got:
Only $8 score!

I have a lot of the colors (ok, all) in the other kits but this one reminded me of the SugarPill palette on the cheap!
So it comes with directions on the one side of the book and the a black pencil liner, liquid liner in a bright blue, Four eye shadows, 2 absolute crap brushes and Mascara.

The Mascara is the Mega Length version, I've never used a Wet n' Wild Mascara but the brush head has the kind of bristles I like.
The Eyeshadow palette says "Color Icon" on it so I was hoping for the infamous amazing color payoff at a great price

And here are the products swatches:

The blue seems to have the best color payoff, the darker purple was a bit chalky, and sadly the black doesn't appear as "sparkly" or multi faceted when swatched. But the liners are good in color payoff and texture.  I wish the would have replaced the brushes with a gloss.  Is this palette a must get?  No.  But the container is sturdy and there is room under the "case" where the products are held to throw in some other small items, so this is great for travel, or for a girl's weekend for sure.

What are you thoughts?


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I wish all of these companies wouldn't bother with the terrible brushes. I think the little appliques are better than some of those hard stiff brushes they include.I have not seen these at my walgreens but it was behind on everything else too eheh