Saturday, September 8, 2012

NOTD ~ Chic by Revlon


Recently 3 of of my nails Broke, Broke, Broke :(  So I've been waiting for them to get to an even length.  I got a grey blue blue polish by Revlon called Chic, and with dark somber colors I think you need short nails anyways so here it is:

It came out a bit darker than I had imagined, and it defenitly dries to a semi-matte finish so I need to keep up with glossy top coats!  Can't wait for more fun fall colors now that my nails are back!



  1. This color is beautiful! I love the finish and it's perfect for Fall!

    1. I only haqd it on one day and it chipped to bits! Even though I used Orly bonder underneath...oh well guess I'll have a new NOTD soon :)