Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sally Hansen - I (Heart) Nail Art - studs kit


This week I found a fun little kit at Walgreens - the Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art Studs kit ($6.99)

I was rather intrigued as until now finding lots of nail gems (in actual stores) was rather hard or they were more like crafting gems and too big for what I wanted.  I know you can order things like this online - but sometimes I like the convenience of seeing things with my own two eyes.

It comes with 3 vials that are about 4" tall - my kit has black "rhinestones", clear "rhinestones" and gold circle studs and are silver on the other side but I think they would not stay on long if they were placed upside down.

It also comes with what I think as a cuticle stick - but it's a gem picker-upper, and indeed it does pick up the little gems - but for placing them I think a tweezers would be much better.

I did a quick little bedazzle on my "Endless Blue" by Sinful Colors manicure -

I took a tweezers (I like to keep old pairs that don't pluck well around for things like this) - and I just dipped the back side in clear top coat - set it on nail and then did a thick coat of top coat all around.  I don't like to put the topcoat over the gem as I think it makes them "hazy".  It stayed put until I took it off with nail polish remover 3 days later.  They are also relatively flat so I didn't have problems with it getting caught on things.  Overall I am suitably impressed!

What are you favorite kinds of nail adornments?



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  1. I like that blue! I'll have to keep an eye out for one of these kits. I'm the same way, I prefer to see these things in person before I buy them. Occasionally the Kiss nail art kits pop up at Walmart but they always seem to sell the nice stud/accessory packets before I can snatch one!