Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's goin' on in the World Wednesday!


I keep seeing things I would like to share but they aren't exactly "beauty blog" type things - so I thought I'd compile them and share them once a week.

First up...

Daylight Savings and Time Zones

Above is a map of who observes daylight savings... how random it is!  Arizona is like "NOPE", Half of Australia is like "we're done with that" - I mean it's a bit random.  Also Time zones...did you know China operates on One?!?  I am all for the US having only 2 -East and West.  Check out this great article to learn more - Here!




Is that a man with a purse?  I think it's a lady...but they made her look so manly and the purse isn't really sexually ambiguous so I'm just left feeling confused.  And an ad for a purse shouldn't confuse me.

Then there is this lovely ad for Nicki Minaj's new perfume and then...

You see the bottle and your like "Aggggg!" that is not pretty!  Why!?! WHY!?!  It's such a weird dichotomy.

So that's it for this week, I'm sure I'll find more soon!


  1. The time zone thing is fascinating! That is crazy of China to be on one zone; the time of day must be all wonky in some parts. I mean it's all arbitrary, but I couldn't imagine it being noon in one part and late afternoon in another part, and all call it 2 pm. And what is with that murse (man purse)? Not a good look.

  2. First of all this is such a fun post! I could so do with out daylight savings time, ugh. Totally agree with you on the purse ad, I'm confused too. Oh my what a bottle to distribute a fragrance in, not pretty at all.

  3. I think the androgynous model thing is really big right now. But it does make you do a double take!

    I hate the Nicki Minaj perfume bottles! They look so cheap. I feel like she really could have done something much more glamorous. :(

  4. I had no idea some countries don't even use time zone and daylight saving so that was interesting. Second picture sure looks like a guy with a purse...weeeeird, the purse is not even a plain purse either. I'm not sure what kind of message they're trying to send here but it sure looks puzzling and perhaps the intention is just for you to be so confused that the ad would stick in your head. And lastly, all I gotta say dammmmn that bottle of perfume looks like her spitting image, boo!