Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cara Box Reveal


Once again I joined the Cara Box exchange over at  This time you got a partner for 3 months - which was nice so you could get to know them a bit better.  Click on the Cara Box image if you want to know more.  Signups for the next three months are coming soon!

Cara Box
You send to someone different than who sends to you - I sent to Victoria @ Lost in Boston (you can click on the link if you want to see what I sent her).  And the lovely Kate from Another Clean Slate sent to me.  She picked out some WONDERFUL  surprises.

A Book, Cosmetics & jewels what more can you want!

Love the arrow bracelet!  I put it on as soon as I got it and wore it all day - super cute!

I also got this awesome Julep polish duo - not only did it come with a gorgeous cobalt color - but a super top coat too!  yay! 

And the wallet from Colab - now this is one of those things that I did not know I WANTED until I got it.  It is awesome - it even fits my Ipod!  All my cards, my change, my money and even a pocket for my bobby pins - I am so in love! 

Thank you so much again Kate!  It was such a thoughtful, fun package!



  1. Yay glad you like it and the post office finally came through. What the heck happened there?!

  2. What a nice package! You'll have to review that top coat--I never got around to reviewing mine but I do love it!

  3. That Big Stone Gap series is great. I would like it even if Adriana Trigiani and I weren't alumnae from the same women's college.

  4. You got some nice goodies! I can't wait to see the nail polish swatch. That is a gorgeous color.