Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tarina Tarantino Haul


A few weeks back Hautelook had Tarina Tarantino - and I had to splurge a bit.  I only discovered Tarina's cosmetics right at the tail end of them being sold at Sephora and I only got the DollSkin Cheek collection (AH-MAZING).  So I got a little more of everything.

First is one of the infamous Hyperliners in Ultraviolet

The color isn't exactly what I would call "Ultraviolet" to me it's more dark plum - but the formula is definitely Ultra!  And it was only $6.50!

It is sooo creamy - I don't like the pencil style (it is one of those weird plastic pencils) but their claim that it is waterproof more than makes up for it.  I don't usually do my waterline, nut it lasted a few hours and all day on the other areas of my eye - I really need to get my hands on more!

Then there's the jewelry box filled with wonders - only $32!  Score! You can still buy it on Tarina for $50.

Primer, lip gloss, mascara & 16 gorgeous shadows!  Love!  So with the blushes I already have and the eyeliner I got I pretty much have everything I need for a full look!

Plus the cosmetics tray lifts out and there is more storage in the bottom - lovely and useful!

The Pearl Glow Primer is wonderful (especially for pale ladies like me!)

It also is a great primer and intensifies the color of the already gorgeous shadows - which are soooo smooth.

I swatched one of the champagne colored shadows on top and then under it over the primer - oh la la :)

The Gem Gloss is "Jewelry for your lips! This lipgloss is formulated to make your lips shine while moisturizing and plumping your pout! These amazing high shine glosses also come in a peach sorbet flavor!"

Alone it is just a nice punch of raspberry colored shimmer - but over a red lip pencil, sparkle glossy, drama!

So I think I got a great deal on some great products - keep your eye out for more sales on Hautelook!

What's the best beauty bargain you've ever got?



  1. lovely haul. it's best for the gift too !! Thanks for the share

  2. Wow! You sure got a deal! I've never tried any of Tarina's products but that lip gloss sure looks nice. And what a pretty box set!

  3. Nice haul. I was contemplating on the blushes but decided that I didn't need anymore. I heard great things about the eyeliners. I went bankrupt with my Sephora hauls, lol. Some of the best beauty bargains I've had in the past happened on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Hautelook does have good deals too.