Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What in the World Wednesday


A few weeks ago I did a post like this and people liked it - and I like it!  So here we are again with the media and social items that make me go What ?!?

You may remember this model from the last post - 

Ok - I can get down with this androgynous look - I just wouldn't have thought Fossil would be the brand pushing it.  But I can't really think of the last time I thought "Oh I want something from Fossil."   So I guess they need an interesting ad campaign - well done Fossil you got my attention.  But I still don't want anything.

Speaking of attention getting...

Nope.  Uggg...why?  Kate Moss looks air brushed to HIGH HEAVEN and that wig - do not try and sell me hair products when you are showing me a model that is clearly wearing a wig - it insults me.  Just - No.

But if you are looking to get me to buy something...
Sticking it in a Crayon type box will do it!  Or give me a rainbow selection like this and I want it all - it goes back to Crayola 96 color box.  You were ballin' if you had that in elementary school (obviously I didn't and I have lingering issues) - so now I want ALL the colors ALL the time.  

So what do you love/hate when it comes to advertising?



  1. Most probably I love to see those ads but not so interested to buy until I tested some myself first. :D


  2. Ugh, Kate. I have the same feeling when I see mascara ads "styled with lash inserts"--NO. Just no. It's cheating and it's insulting to me as a consumer.

  3. That Clinique ad is a great one - of course, I like Clinique anyway. Not that I buy a lot of department-store makeup, but when I do, I usually just go right to the Clinique counter.

  4. Making false claims on ads is a big turn know like don't label something "creamy" if it feels dry. Don't label something "long-wearing" if it is is going to smear or fade in a couple hours. Don't just slap whatever word you want me to hear unless it's true. I hate mascara ads, lol, they are always wearing falsies or lash extensions. The Clinique ad looks appealing though. I hope they sell them by the set.