Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Ipsy Bag reveal!


Today I got my Ipsy bag!  yea!!!

This month's theme was "Beauty Rocks" it's Coachella season and no one, I mean no one wants us to forget.  Some of of us are not big Coachella fans ok!  There I said it - now everyone can know how uncool I am :)

None the less, there was lots of fun stuff inside...

Some Big Sexy Hair "Root Pump" - it's more voluminizing hairspray - in a travel size and with my new hair ambitions - this is perfect :)  Value $6.00

Dr brandt microdermabrasion - also great for travel and I have few trips coming up and at $78 for 2 oz I would really want to try before I buy anyways!  Value $9.75

And for all the Urban Decay Junkie's - a 24/7 "Velvet" pencil in Black Velvet -  "Ideal for smoky-eye fanatics, this perfectly plush formula has extra powder, making it ideal for blending into a soft, smoky, matte finish. It glides on precisely, adding rich definition for rimmed eyes. It’s waterproof for long-lasting wear."  This is actually perfect for my easy smokey eye technique!  Watch the vid HERE.  Value $8.

I have been searching for a nude for pale girls - so I was excited  to see the Mary Kay @ Play lip gloss in "Teddy Bare":

It's rather opaque surprisingly.  It does make a nude lip - I don't know how I feel about it - I'm so pale so I would need to wear it with a lot of bronzer - but I want to make it work.  Value $10

And finally a Coachella worth nail polish...
It's the lighter blue swatch - I just wanted to see how it stacked up next to Orly "Macabre Masquerade"

It's a Rainbow Honey polish from their Midnight Garden Collection called "Midnight Fountain". 
It's a blue tinted base with Teal, Blue and silver glitter - I don't know that I would wear this alone - I am pale, pale, pale and blue nails of this sort make me look like I have hypothermia!  But it would make a fabulous accent nail, or glitter tip!  Value $5.00

So all in all another great bag of stuff!  Total Value -> $38.75, and as you know Ispy's only $10 a month.  Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door ->Check it out here: HERE!

Let me know your thoughts below!



  1. What a great bag! It's nice to get those skin products to try out before investing in them. I think that's a really pretty lip color, but I know what you mean about nude lips--I always feel like I need to add something to my face so people know I'm not dead. :P

    I've never been to an event like Coachella and never understood the appeal. Maybe because I'm antisocial? I love music, but all that craziness just isn't up my alley.

  2. You got awesome goodies. I also got my fun IPSY bag. Please do visit my blog.