Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My VIB 15% off ticket Sephora Mini Haul!


So as I'm sure ya'll know, Sephora recently had a sale that you could access at different times based on your "ranking".  VIB Rouges got in first , then VIB's, then Beauty Insider's.  I don't know how much stock they had on the "good stuff" but so many things I wanted were sold out.  No Pantone blush trio for me :(

But I was lucky enough (and I had a long enough list) that I was still able to find stuff!

So onto the goodies...

Here is a link to post I did about other lip tars I own.

It's the OCC All Star Mini Lip Tar Set - and mini's a perfect  a little goes a LONG way.  Here are some awesome swatches from Warpaint & Unicorns - awesome blog, and her swatches are far superior to mine.

Here's the clear

Divine, Clockwork, Psycho, Stalker & Strumpet (I have Strumpet in the full size too - its a great fall color)
Pris, Lovecraft, Yaoi, Super NSFW, Electric Grandma & Authentic
Fun right!  Great for mixing and making ombre lips and really something for every season!
The set is regularly $58 and is still available.

I also got the Lip Tar Primer -

From the Sephora website: "Formulated with super hydrating dry oils that moisturize lips without leaving behind a sticky or overly moist finish, this primer can be used to refresh your Lip Tar throughout the day without having to apply more color. Use it anywhere else on the face or body where intense hydration is needed. " $18

And finally...

Here is the description from Sephora:"Embrace Ole’s philosophy for gorgeous, healthy skin with daily exfoliation, hydration, and protection. These three multitaskers work in synergy to brighten, resurface, and hydrate using the most potent antiaging powerhouses: vitamin C, essential fatty acids, and alpha hydroxy acids—the three pillar ingredients of Ole’s skincare. By expertly blending potent actives balanced with nurturing and soothing botanicals, skin can achieve maximum youthful results. These three little wonders with indulgent textures and aromas make treating your skin a daily pleasure." $70

I really like the truth serum, I had gotten a deluxe sample before and I put it on in the morning before my moisturizer and my skin looks brighter and glowy within 2 days.  So I also wanted to try the day and night cream as well.  Plus once again, travel sizes are awesome right now as I have 3 trips coming up.

Well that's all - but I already have my eye on something else:

It's the Monarch Eyeshadow Palette by Kat Von D - $48.  It's currently out of stock :(  

So what's on your Sephora wishlist? 



  1. That palette looks gorgeous! The lip tars are so pigmented!

    1. I know and the colors are actually pretty unique! So that means I need it right :)

  2. Hot dang, those lip tars look AWESOME! I want to try them but I guess I have just never gotten around to looking for them when I have spare $$ to spend. Your swatches look great--I think Psycho and Yaoi catch my eye the most!

    1. The lip tar swatches aren't mine! They are from Warpaint and Unicorns... I listed her as the source above...I don't want anyone to think they are mine. I seriously suck at searching. I've tried daylight, different light boxes, different lamps and I think it comes down to my non existant photography skills!

  3. The lippies look superb. I will try them soon. Loved all the products you got. Hope to see detailed reviews soon. :)

  4. Ahhh too many things are added to my wishlist now ahaha!! I just posted my sephora sale haul on my blog if you're interested in giving it a look :)