Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nail Haul!


What is wrong with me - do I really need more polish? NO.  But I saw the shiny things - and they ended up coming home with me. ;)

 So first I was at Walmart to get Chobani (Key Lime flavor-love) - and of course I had to see what was going on in the cosmetics department...

First I saw some nail foil kits - I think they were $5.49 they are not available on the website only in the store.  I really like the idea of a foil manicure, but the only other place I've seen the supplies is Amazon and the Born Pretty Store.  So it's nice to see it for real, before I order something.  I also found a lovely shade of blue polish that I think will look fab with the silver foil.  It's "Blue Me away!" by Sally Hansen Xtreme wear.

I also found nail bling!
The kit on the left has a fuchsia polish, fuchsia powder (to do a "velvet" manicure) nail glue and fun rhinestone bits.  I also got the Embellish me! set from Fingers ($3.48) with 12 different designs of mini rhinestones.

Then I went to Sally's Beauty Supply...and I found a few polishes.

OPI "Push and Shove"(Gwen Stefani Collection) which you need to use with the Lay down the Base little mini next to it.  Orly FX in "Be Brave", OPI "4 in the Morning" (Gwen Stefani Collection) and Orly "Cheeky".  All of them except "Cheeky" I got on Clearance for $4.99.  Score!

Here they are swatched.  "Push and Shove" is amazingly chrome, it's a "specialty" polish that you can't put top coat on and they warn it will only last a day... but it would be worth it.  In the picture it just looks metallic but it is the most realistic "metal" polish I have ever seen. The black one is "4 in the morning" and it dries to a matte "leather like" appearance that is pretty cool.  I need to do silver foil or studs with this.  The Orly FX shreddy glitter is prettier in real life and "Cheeky" has a light sparkle in it.  

So do I need all the polishes?  No... but hey at least I'm not addicted to crack.



  1. LOL "at least I'm not addicted to crack"
    Awesome haul and what a great deal at Sally's!! I love SH Blue it Away, one of my favorite blues to wear :)

    1. Well sometimes I'm just like "seriously" when I realize all the polishes I have... They are border line addictive!

  2. Ha! There are worse things to be addicted too! :D What pretty polishes! I've seen some amazing swatches of that Push and Shove polish and I agree it would totally be worth it.

    1. Right! So I have a LOT of polish, I should make a pact with my self to only buy indie so my addiction supports small businesses 8-)