Saturday, April 26, 2014

Love in a Box Swap - Reveal!

I participated in a new swap this month - the "Love in a Box" swap which is hosted by Megan of Lush to Blush and Kimberly of Kimberly Chronicle.  Each month  the bloggers who sign up will be paired up and swap boxes full of special goodies, knick knacks, notes and more. The goal is to connect with other bloggers around the world to expand your network and make new friends.  Sounds fun right click THIS to sign up!

I was paired with the lovely Carlita from Carlita's Closet.  She is a lovely young lady from PA, with a very hip fashion/lifestyle blog.  She started her blog because " I really wanted to connect with others who care about fashion and most importantly feeling good about themselves. It's also a very nice outlet for me when life gets stressful." Three words that describe her: positive, free minded, and independent, and I would say a ray of sunshine since I have gotten to know her.  

She also created a truly wonderful package for me!

Cat Chip Clips!  I love these so very much - they appeal to my inner cat lady and my love of non-stale chips :)
Then she made this darling black bean soup in a jar - and sent the recipe.  Good soup and fresh bread is literally my favorite meal that I am capable of making on my own.  I don't really know how to grill so I can't say steak :)

Speaking of making meals I also got a "Market List" that has a magnet on the back so I can write down all the things I need to get to make some delicious meals - I'm looking at you asparagus and strawberries (which are currently on the list)

And finally,

Seeds for my garden!  If you follow me on Instagram (xjasminemarex) you know I have an office garden and I love, love succulents and cacti!  I have Zinnia's in my office garden as well, but not beautiful bright yellow ones!  And I had never seen cactus seeds until this - I always had to buy mine grown and I harbor the urban legend that there could be tarantula spider babies inside so I only have one.  But if I plant these seeds I can be sure there are no tarantulas!!!  It's the little things like a tarantula free office that make me happy :)

Isn't that a wonderful package? If you would like to see what I got her, check it out Here.

Let me know what little things make you happy below!



  1. Oh man, you just reignited my fear of cacti anew! :P I would love to grow my own cacti from scratch. I'll have to look for some seeds. Spider-free anything is always good in my book!

    1. There are spiders in cacti - FACT! :) I am glad spring has sprung but I did enjoy the bug free winter!