Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My first Beauty Box 5


Yesterday I got my first Beauty Box 5 - if you are not familiar it with it, it's a subscription service that sends out beauty samples and full size items for a monthly fee.  I chose the quarterly subscription for $30.  You can get a year for $99 (about $8 a box! no shipping).  This month's "theme" was Shades of Beauty.

I decides to get this subscription, because although I <3 Ipsy, I didn't want cosmetic samples all the time.

So here is what was in my box:

So, I got a generous sample pack of Jergens Natural Glow Lotion (but it's for Medium/Tan and I amWHITE).  This stuff doesn't work for me, I don't change color at all.  Value $1.50?

Blum Cleansing wipes (there's 30 in that mini bottle!)  this is so fun!  I love handy travel things.  Value $2.49

BH Cosmetics Callifornia Collection Eyeshadow mini Palette - I got this exact one from Ipsy awhile back!  But that's ok I have co-workers who want to try it :)  Value $1.00  

Bonnie Bell Lip Definer - this is not the best quality, but it's a color I don't have so...  Value $3.95

Nicka K Lipstick - I had wondered about this brand so I am excited to try it!  Value $4.99

The lipstick looks really red in the tube, and the cap color makes you think its RED but...

It's much more berry.  The lip liner is a deep berry as you can see from the squiggle.  They are more "winter" colors, but I like them.

Overall Value -> $13.93   I paid $10.  So it's not like Ipsy super deal, but I'm not totally disappointed, but we will see what the next 2 months bring.

What do think about beauty subscriptions?



  1. I'm kinda on the fence about beauty subscriptions, I love trying out new things, but usually the price of the full size products that come in the boxes is either to expensive for me or I can't find it in my area LOL and other times the box won't contain anything that I like.

  2. I think this is just okay for me, mostly because of the tanner sample. I'm not big on them either and I'm debating even using anything this summer. I don't like the hassle :P That is a pretty lippie though!