Sunday, April 13, 2014

One Good Hair Day!


Along with my all my nail polish I brought home a bunch of hair product last week - because I am going to have at least one good hair day this summer! My hair has been a B*tc# to work with since I was about 28.  It just lost it's beautiful natural curl, got thinner and mega frizzy.  I tried growing it out for the last 5 years - yeah, 5 YEARS. I wanted hair like Blake Lively so bad.


But it's not going to happen.  First of all I bet she has extensions, I have a very nice set of clip in extensions but I can't keep that up every day!  And my hair is literally like dealing with a head full of spiderwebs - it's so fine I can an elastic pony tail holder almost 4 times around it and the frizz makes it stick out like a fine halo.  So I have to give up the dream.  Most of the time I wear my hair in a bun and when I wear my glasses (which is a lot) I like like a 1890's school teacher.  So 2 weeks ago I had 6 inches cut off and more layers cut in - and then I bought a bevy of hair products to attempt some new styles.

First up Christophe Professional Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner - from their site: "Adds body & volume to limp, lifeless hair. Cristophe Professional Volumizing Shampoo adds fullness to fine, limp hair and helps you create a full-body style! Special thickening ingredients deliver long-lasting volume without weighing down your hair. This salon formula nourishes and adds body to eliminate flat & lifeless hair."
This of course sounds wonderful to me and it was buy one get one 50% of at Ulta, plus I had my 20% off coupon and it has a mail in rebate!  Score! I also got some shaping hair spray and the Volumizing Spray tonic:
"Cristophe Professional Volumizing Spray Tonic adds fullness to fine, limp hair and helps you create a full-body style. Special thickening ingredients deliver long-lasting volume without weighing down your hair. This salon formula nourishes and adds body to eliminate flat & lifeless hair."
I figured I need to try something else besides my usual - which is just an attempt to fight frizz.  I think I need to fight frizz AND attempt to make my hair bigger like these lovely ladies:


Both Kate's are rockin relatively "natural" hair, Kate Hudson's even has a bit of frizz - so I think I can make it happen.  Also these two ladies pop up when you google "Hairstyles for round faces" and I have a big fat round head!  I must be moving somewhat in the right direction :)

It was also time to renew my Sally's Beauty Club Membership so I made a stop there.

So you always get a free Ion product when you renew your membership so I got some Shaping Plus fine mist hairspray. It has a 5 star rating on Sally's website - and I am going to need it to keep my hair looking like the gals above right?
They also had a deal where if you bought 2 Ion Solutions products you got $3 off - so I got a thickening spray and an Anti-Frizz Gel Mist.  With the $3 off and the free hairspray I walked out Sally's with these three for just over $10.

I also spotted a mini straighter of clearance:

I have a regular straightener but I was like for $9 - this would be great for getting closer to my head and I gave in.

All in all, my Hair Haul came in under $40!  That's less than a haircut (at least in Chicago!) So now I just need to stop being lazy and make it a good hair summer - hopefully I'll have some decent pics soon.

What do you love/hate about your hair?



  1. My hair is really thin at the top, so I have to do a lot with the blow-dryer, thickening spray, mousse etc. to get it to not be flat and nasty-looking. And then a leave-in conditioner/silkener for the ends because it feels coarse and gets tangled easily. It's so much work! I wear mine in a bun a lot too and I get what you mean about the schoolmarm look.

    1. I finally had time to "do" my hair and it turned out quite well! I think this is an example of marketing making us lust after impossible hair!

  2. How did you like the Cristophe Professional products -- I have no idea if this comment is going through or not sorry if its the 3rd time. Just been hearing different things about the line, and wanted to know your thoughts.