Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bright Expert Exorcises My Face - Week 1


Today I'm moving onto a different product, I think I've done enough foundation reviews to last everyone a while.  I just started using Lancome's Bright Expert so I thought I would show a week by week comparison of my face so we can see how well it works.  I know people say it's silly, but I want my freckles GONE! If I'm going to be pale, I want to be all over,even, porcelain pale.  So I choose Bright Expert as it is described as "More than 12 years of research on hyperpigmentation and skin unevenness. So powerful that an independent clinical study proves even faster results on dark spot correction than the leading prescription ingredient.* New BRIGHT EXPERT, enriched with yeast extract, virtually erases the appearance of dark spots to reveal an evenly radiant complexion." 
Bright Expert
I swear with my SPF vigilance I shouldn't even have any freckles, but as I get older they just keep popping out of nowhere, so I figured I needed to start somewhere.  Below are pictures of me one week ago (on left) and today (on right).

I know I may be overly hopeful, but I swear I see less freckles on my cheek and under my eyes.  We will see what another week brings me!

And in the mean time I am going to move on to reviewing foundation primers!


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