Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bright Expert Exorcises My Face - Week 3


It's that time again!  The weekly did I get rid of my freckles post.  Argggg I think not.  I thought I was seeing improvement but I swear it looks worse now.  I'm going to put all the pictures in a row week by week .
Before I started Bright Expert
Week 1 (where I swear I see improvement in the cheek area - right?)
Week 2 - Looking more even I think
Which brings us to this week...
It's better than before I started but the "freckly-ness" on my upper cheek and by my nose is back!  And I've upped my daily SPF to 70.  Argg.
By the way the diffence in the "color temperature of the pictures is because I take them in natural light and somedays it's much lighter than others.  Like Yesterday morning when I took the picture for this it was rather gloomy out. 
I'm going to give it 1 more week and then I may have to find something new...any suggestions?


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