Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Revlon New Complexion one step - is about what I expected

Today I tried Revlon's New Complexion "one step", meaning it gives you a liquid to powder finish in one product.  Revlon describes it as "For completely undetectable coverage. The 2-in-1 cream to powder formula gives you perfectly smooth, even-toned skin that breathes."  I don't usually feel like my skin can't breathe when wearing makeup as most formula's have rid themselves of the stigma of  "feeling like a mask".  However I will say this gave my skin nice, moderate coverage and it really felt like I had nothing on - which actually made it hard to apply!  First because it is a sponge application I can never tell if I'm about to pile it on or not, and to because I couldn't "feel" the product or really see that much or a result I wondered if I was actually getting any on.  But as you can see there's my sponge full of product - which brings me to my rant about how sponge application is the worst and most wasteful way to put on make-up, I feel like it is all in the sponge and very little is getting on my face.

This product would be good to throw in your purse or for travel for touch ups, but if I'm going to use a cream foundation I'll stick with Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Finish.  It just didn't give me enough coverage to be a real staple.

Please excuse my "dead eyes" I have a terrible cold and it's showing!  You can also see my perma-red nose doesn't even get much better.  I have to use like 3 layers of concealer to look normal.

Next up... Lancome's Bright Expert vs. my freckles,

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