Sunday, February 19, 2012

Foundation Primer - Rimmel


So after trying out all those foundations, I figured the next logical step was the primers that could make them even better...or not.  I also thought I would use Teint Miracle as my "control" foundation as I think from my previous tests that it could use a good primer.  So first up is Rimmel Fix and Perfect.
It is supposed to Smooth Skin and Minimize Pores, it can be used alone to achieve this look (and it's tinted so I guess that is part of how it can smooth on its own, by evening skin tone).  Or it can be used under foundation to "achieve longer lasting results".  Below is a picture of it on my hand - the "orange" tint is kinda scary!

And then here I am bare faced:

And below with the scary orange primer on:
Not too much of a difference.  I definitely would not wear it on its own.  I don't really think it does anything for my pores, I think it evens out skin tone a bit.  So here I am below with Teint Miracle in Ivoire 1 over the primer.
Again, I don't think it really made my foundation look all that different, but it did blend a little better.  However, it did not improve the wear of my foundation through the ten hours I tested it.  My pores were actually more defined and my face looked very oily after only a few hours.  It definitely didn't live up to its claims for me.

Next up... Too Faced Poreless Primer,

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