Monday, January 28, 2013

NOTW - China Glaze Spontaneous


This week I noticed a lot of purple/lilac polishes catching my eye.  And because I am a bit pale and light lilacs can make me look like I have hypothermia, so I opted for a deeper lavender.  Spontaneous by China Glaze.
Spontaneous was part of the "what's your color" collection, which assigned a color to each sign -Libra: Spontaneous Nail Polish - Lavender, acts a as a tonic, balancing the mind, body and spirit. Somehow, you keep everything together, even in crazy times. 
I had no idea that was the inspiration behind this polish when I got it, and it just so happens I am a Libra - CrAzY.....
And here's how the manicure turned out -
On the left is daylight and on the right is indoor lighting, I actually added a sparkly accent nail as I had a Love & Beauty polish from Forever 21 that matched very well.  Sometimes I think I'm too old to have a "trendy" manicure - but clients thought I was 29 the other day so maybe it's ok.  :)
What color have you been "feeling" this week?


  1. Replies
    1. It turned out pretty well - I think next week I want Emerald!

  2. Ah I would so rock this! I love the purple and the glitter!
    I have been thinking about what colour I should do my nails but today I am feeling lazy and I have had my eye on a mint green polish in my drawer, so I will keep thinking about what I will do with it once I break my lazy cycle!

  3. Mint green and copper is one of my favorites!

    1. That is a good combination! I was ABOUT to do my mint green nails today, and guess what my polish went all icky and thick!!:(
      I will be picking up another one this weekend! grrr

  4. I'm all about China Glaze - wearing "surreal appeal" from the cirque du soleil collection right now! (punchy coral color)