Friday, January 25, 2013

Review - Victoria's Secret Hypergloss Eye Shimmer


Today I wanted to show an interesting product I recently got from Victoria's Secret Beauty.

It's the Hypergloss Eye Shimmer.  It can be used alone to give your eyelids a bit of sheer color and a lot of sparkle.  Or over an eyeshadow to give it a  bit of sparkle. 
I purchased 2 colors the gunmetal is Star Light and the one in the gold tube is Golden Lights.  I would say the are a charcoal grey and a champagne color repectively.

Here are the colors swatched (I did a dot of color and then a dot smoothed out) in "indoor" light on the left and daylight on the right - the daylight picture is more acurate and yes my arm really is that pale.

I'm on the fence with these, at the store I was like "so pretty, so SpArKly" and now I'm like "hmmm"  but I think it's good to incorpate a little extra sparkle into your look now and then, so these will get used and the colors are pretty neutral. 

How would you use the Hypergloss Shimmers? 




  1. Yeah I've had moments like that too, lol. Sad to say but I don't get much use out of these very sparkly products. I think they are more suited for an evening look. I would try them over a cream eyeshadow.

    1. Sounds like a good idea to me! Also I've been very neutral lately so maybe these will kick my but into a moring daring mode :)

  2. Eye gloss! I remember having eye gloss ages ago...I'm talking like 1999 or something lol. I like the look of glossy eyes and these look really pretty with the added shimmer.

  3. I remember in the movie "the Sweetest Thing" Cameron Diaz had very glossy shadow and I thought it was the bomb. These dry down so their not totally glossy, more sparkly.