Thursday, January 17, 2013

25 Random Facts tag!


The lovely Christine at Little Red Bow tagged me to to a 25 Random Facts post.  First and foremost you should check out her blog, she is stylish, can rock a red lip and always has great posts - then you can read about my nonsense :)

So here are 25 Random tidbits about me -

1) I can speak Spanish, BUT I really can only hold a conversation about skin care or vacation-y stuff.

2) I can't draw to save my life (well maybe like stick figures)

3) I really like to cross stitch

4) I read before I go to bed every night, mostly fiction and non-fiction.  I have a widget on the left side of my blog from so you can always see what I am reading!

5) People either tell me I seem really serious all the time or that I'm really funny.  Actually I'm like a mean 75 year old lady yelling about "kids these days" on the inside.

6) I love naps.

7) I have a rare sleeping disorder (major sleepwalker) I also see things that aren't there (while half asleep) and have conversations about them.

8) My dream job would have been to be a Soap Opera star.

9) I think if I went on the Price is Right I would win big.

10) I am naturally blonde, but in the last three years I have had red and then black hair.  Fortunately, my amazing hairstylist can make this happen without a lot of damage.

11) Obviously I look very different depending on how much makeup I am wearing.  Seriously, it's like being 2 different people.

12) I have lived in 5 different states (MN, IL, WI, MT & WA)  and thus have taken the driving exam 5 different times.  And the tests are different, which makes no sense to me, shouldn't driving laws be standardized?

13) I question a lot of things, and if you ask me what I am thinking about at any given time it's probably pretty random.

14)  I prefer cold weather to hot, and cloudy to sunny days. 

15)  I want to live in New York City for at least a few years.

16)  My cat sticks his tongue out when he's relaxed and I always take pictures because it cracks me up.

17)  I don't have an Ipod, Iphone or any of that business, I'm just not into it (because I'm an old lady inside and don't like "new fangled technology") Actually, I just don't use my phone that much and I rarely listen to music and I don't need an "app" for everything I do.

18) I really struggle to take pictures of my makeup looks for my blog - I can't figure out how to get my eye make-up to show up "True to life" and not all washed out.

19) I take my skincare very seriously, and I always wash my face before bed (and apply eye cream, serum and moisturizer), no matter how late, if I've been out drinking (rare), or I'm traveling.

20) I love candy, (like Swedish fish, Sprees, sour straws and jelly belly jelly beans) not so much chocolate unless it's dark.

21) If you give me a recipe I can cook it, if it involves baking, maybe not so much.

22)  I make delicious deep fried pickles.

23) I am a night owl (if you ever see an early post by me, it was prescheduled).

24) I'm thinking about getting an esthitician license

25) Creating this blog was one of the best decisions I ever made.

So there you have it - a lot of really random things.  I know I love reading posts like this so I'm going to tag some ladies I find very interesting (but feel free to do this if you like) and if I tagged you and it's not your thing it's ok too. It's all cool, this is a safe place.

Martha @ Quick, Cheap & Pretty
Pang @ BeautyRedefined by Pang
Amy @ Small Budget Beauty
Katie @ Katie Alyse
& my Canadian mind twin (who will remain unamed becuse you KNOW who you are)

Thanks for reading!



  1. Lol I'm a mean old lady on the inside too. I was against iPhones etc. but then I got one but I rarely use apps. It's just helpful having the internet everywhere. And that picture of your cat cracked me up, that's such a cute habit.

  2. I have a smartphone just not the IPhone, and I swear people are appalled that I spent $$$ for a phone not by apple. My cat always makes me laugh, unless he's hacking up a hairball, then....

  3. Oh my, I have that mean old lady inside as well, she seems to come out a lot as I get older! I love my iphone, I have had one since the first version and cannot imagine using anything else, you are missing out twin! We would make a good team, you can cook.. I like to eat and I can bake ;)
    I also like the cold, I feel like if I moved to a warm climate I would probably die !
    PS I kinda like the black hair!

    1. I liked the black hair too, but when my roots would grow out even a little bit (because my hair is blonde) it looked like I was completely gray. So it was high maintaince. Hi temps drive me crazy, when it's 90+ in the summer here I can't sleep or eat, but winter weather is snuggly and you can always throw another pair of socks on!

  4. Thanks for tagging me :) I'll get my post up soon. I do weird things in my sleep too :/ I also prefer colder weather.

    1. Yeah! Excited to learn random things about you :)

  5. I was scrolling through this post cracking up and got to the bottom and saw where you had tagged me! Thank you thank you! 5 is SO me, it had me dying. My mom taught me how to cross stitch when I was younger! It's so relaxing. And fried pickles! So glad to see another blogger that eats *realistically* ;p

    Can't wait to do this post on my blog!

    1. So glad, that you are glad I tagged you :) Yep I get real pissed when the neighbors kids throw their balls in my yard, I'm all "It's mine now!", and I enjoy tea and knitting as well so someone give me my AARP card!

  6. Haha, I'm so glad Christine tagged you to do this, I loved getting to know you better! And I'm so jealous you look great in every hair color!

    xo Abbey

    1. Thanks Abbey! I look good in different haircolors because my skin is WHITE, and like a pair of white pants you can pair it with anything! :)

  7. That's quite some interesting and fun facts that you shared. I've never heard of deep fried pickles but hmmm I would probably try that with jalapenos :D. One of my co-worker's husband is a pretty heavy sleep-walker too. He would also have conversation with them while sleeping and walk around the house like he is awake, lol...that's pretty insane I think. Do you remember what you did when you wake up? Anyways, I think it's a fun tag and I sure will post one :)

    1. Deep fried anything is usually all right with me! I rarely remember what's going on when I have the sleep walking episodes.. but I als take medication now to curb it.

  8. Ahhh! I want fried pickles!! I definitely need the recipe!!

    Thanks so much for linking up with 'The Wednesday Chronicles', we hope to see you again next week!


    1. It's really easy - I got the recipe off of Food Network's site, the key is to DRY OFF the pickle chips before you work with them :)
      And I'll definitely join next week! Thanks for having me!

  9. I love Goodreads too :) Oh, and I can relate to the nightowl one. I really need to start getting to bed earlier.

    1. It's a hard habit to break, and I don't have to get up until 9 am so I don't know if I'll ever change! I just like the world at night!

  10. I love NAPS too!!!

    && Your cat is freaken adorable!!

    Thanks for linking up with the Wednesday Chronicles!! I hope to see you next week!

    xo, Nykki from

    1. Hey Nykki - thanks for stopping by and for doing this link up with Ange! I think my cat is kinda cute too :) Naps rule!

  11. It was great getting to know you lovely. Mmmm Fried Pickles:)

    Sara xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sara! Friend pickles are delish - especially dipped in ranch dressing :)