Monday, January 14, 2013

2012 favorites!


I am bit late to the 2012 favorite post - but as there are still 50 weeks of the year to go I think it's not a total faux pax.

So here are the products I loved the most into 2012 - some may have come out before 2012, but last year is when I discovered them!

#1) Lancome Huile Doucer
I love the smell, it takes off eye and face makeup wonderfully and leaves your skin silky soft.  $37

Huile Douceur

#2 Lancome Teint Idole 24H - (in shade 100)
I wrote about my love for this foundation in a post Here,  it provides almost full coverage and is the closest shade to my skin I have found to date.  $44

#3 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid SPF 70
The best sunscreen I have found for the face. It's very thin and lightweight, so you can put your daily moisturizer on then this and then your foundation and your face does not feel like a cakey mess. $12

#4 Freeman Facial Enzyme Mask
My face really feels softer and my night time moisturization seems to sink in more. So for $4 it's a treat for your wallet & face :)  Review Here.

#5 My Inglot Freedom Palette

Too bad I took such a bad picture of it~ Inglot's products are amazing and I am so lucky to live in a city that has an actual store.  Review of the palette I made above Here.

#6 MUFE HD Primer
Haven't found a better primer for me yet!  Just does the job it's supposed to.  Review and frightening pictures of me in the morning Here.

#7 Lancome Oscilation Intensity Mascara
 It just makes my lash look so good so easily.  $35   Review Here.


#8 Milani Corallina Baked Blush
  I just love the color this gives my cheeks it makes me look "alive" :)  Review Here

#9 Red Lipstick!

I didn't realize I hadn't written a post about my love of red lipstick and how everyone can wear it - there IS one for you!  My love is now branching to bright pinks fuchsias and corals.

And finally...

#10 My Ipsy subscription

For $10 a month I am always pleased and really look forward to it.

Here's to finding 10 more wonderful things this year!
Are any of mine on your list?



  1. I love that sunblock. My face does not tan well and it really does protect my skin. I totally want to try out that pineapple mask! I've seen it at Ulta before. Also your eyes pop so much in that photo!! :)

    1. And the sunscreen is such a nice little bottle - but goes a long way. Pineapple mask is awesome! And my eyes are definetly one of my best features ( I got very lucky) So thank you!

  2. I want to try Inglot and Milani products so badly! I wish they were easily available here :(

    1. I have seen Milani at real canadian superstore in mississauga by my work :)

    2. Believe it or not, I have not tried any of these!! I ALMOST bought that pineapple mask a couple weeks ago but right now I am trying to concentrate on toning down my collection, plus rodial is releasing bee venom soon... and well you know where that is going!

    3. I say Bee Venom all the way! I have definetly been working to get some empties this month!

    4. Christine - I will say has really good swatches of the Inglot colors that if you wanted to make an online order you could pretty much know what your getting. And if you "like" Inglot on Facebook they have sales codes quite often.

  3. Honestly, I think Lancome make the best foundation. Out of all the brands I tried, I still go back to Lancome.

    1. I would stray from the Lancome IF Chanel made one light enough, and I hear MAC should have an NW10 out soon, so we will see if my obsession holds. But I have loved their foundations for goodness a good 10 years now! I used to love Photogenic!

  4. That foundation looks beautiful! I'm always seeking out new foundations. And you are so right about red lips! There are so many different types of red, I find myself buying red lipsticks more than any other color! Great post!