Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inglot Freedom palette!

Today I wanted to show off the Inglot Freedom palette and shadows I got in late September.  You can read about all the goodies I got Here.

If you aren't familiar with Inglot here's a link to their website and information about how the company began.  They are probably most well known for their amazing range of colors and affordable prices.  My 10 shadow palette was $16.00 and each shadow was $6 to $8 (rainbow shadow).

And here is my palette full of the colors I chose (to compliment or supplement shadow I already have).

Top - from L to R  110R, Matte 388, Matte 392, Shine 27, 463
Bottom - L to R  104R, Matte 372, 72, Pearl 403, 55
My swatch shots did not come out quite as well as I hoped (they were taken in late afternoon light with no flash.)
110 R

L to R  Matte 388, Matte 392, Shine 27, 463


L to R - Matte 372, 72 Pearl 403, 55

I barely swiped the eyeshadow across my inner arm so I am really impressed with the pigmintation.
To say their color selection was hard to choose from is putting it lightly.  I could make a new palette every month! 
Anyone have Inglot color suggestions for me?

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  1. omg I love the colors you got! They look lovely :D